Singhose Alaska

I went to Alaska for a family reunion and to visit Rambo. The family reunion was in Homer and it was hosted by my Aunt Jessie and Uncle Beaver. They have a beautiful home with a nice supply of heads.
I did some backflips in their backyard:
I did a lot of hiking. We had to cross a river in a hand powered gondola:
Rambo and I hiked into the bush to camp around Hurricane MIT Vaulter Gulch. It is about 500 ft. deep and it is spanned by a car bridge and a train tressel. To truly enjoy the trip across the no-tresspassing train tressel, the trip should be made on your hands.

Of course we hiked to some of the glaciers. It is customary to do backflips over glaciers and leap over the 15 ft. glacier pools.
Mt. McKinley: