PGPMenu: Save Configuration File

Derek Atkins

This option is used to save PGPMenu configuration into the PGP configuration file.

When you specify this option, PGPMenu will read your PGP configuration file, copy it to a new file, and then replace or add the PGPMenu configuration options that were chosen or changed. In this manner, PGPMenu will not remove any PGP configuration, for which it is not interested, that the user may have set in the configuration file.

If a configuration option is no longer needed, PGPMenu will remove it from the configuration file.

PGPMenu does not save the PGPPATH environment variable. You must set this variable yourself if you want it to be something other than the default. This variable can be used to store multiple configuration files, if you desire to do so.

When this finishes, PGPMenu will wait for you to tell it to return to the configuration menu.