FAQ about Tom and Amy's Wedding

Q: When was the wedding?
A: June 26, 1998
Q: Where was the wedding?
A: In a forest clearing near Sheepfold Meadow, in Middlesex Fells, Medford, MA.
Q: What kind of wedding was it?
A: A Wiccan handfasting.
Q: That's incredible! Is it legal?
A: Actually, yes.
Q: I thought Wiccan handfastings were for a year and a day.
A: This one isn't. This one is permanent.
Q: Is Amy keeping her old surname?
A: No.
Q: Why not?
A: If your last name were Smith, and you were able to get rid of it, wouldn't you do want to change it too? The name Smith is a bureaucratic nightmare.
Q: What is Amy changing her surname to?
A: Yu.
Q: But isn't that giving in to the patriarchy?
A: Not really. We couldn't come up with a new last name beginning with "Y" that wouldn't sound ridiculous.
Q: Why would it have to begin with "Y"?
A: Amy wants her name to be a recursive acronym, i.e. so her initials are the same as her first name.
Q: Is Amy keeping her old username?
A: No.
Q: What is Amy's new username?
A: thessaly@mit.edu
Q: Why that username?
A: Thessaly is a place in Greece historically known for its witches. Also, it's the name of a character from Sandman, and it keeps with the old Athena system naming scheme of using Greek names. There's also other people named Amy Yu at MIT, so having her username not resemble her real name would avoid confusion.
Q: Where did you get your clothes for the wedding?
A: Amy made her own dress, with some help from a few friends. Tom's clothes are from Gypsy Moon and The Closet Upstairs.
Q: Why did Gif climb a tree?
A: Because he felt like it.