Rickland's directions to the wedding

Ok, I only know directions by car, although the T (bus) goes relatively close.

93 North to the Fellsway West exit. Many merges will happen. When you have the opportunity to get back onto 93 north, BEAR RIGHT instead. Follow this until you get to a blinking yellow light. Most of the traffic will be turning right here. You will go straight. Soon you will go under 93. After you do, Sheepsfold Meadow is about 1/4 mile up on your left. There will be a wooden sign stating so. The entrance is about 20 yards before another entrance to 93 (southbound only) on your right. After making the left turn into Sheepsfold Meadow, follow the driveway up the hill and into the parking lot.


You park your car and get out.


You are in a parking lot. One side of the lot is meadow the rest are forest.

go meadow

You see a path through a field. There are butterflies here.

get butterflies

You can't do that.

go path

The path extends about 100 yards and merges with a tar road. the path continues north diagonally across the road.


The path continues for about 30 yards. There is some commotion ahead.


You see Tom and Amy preparing a ceremony (unless you're late, in which case you see Tom and Amy finishing a ceremony) and there is much rejoycing.

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