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Week 6
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Here comes Week 6:

Despite its large payment to Josh, The Government still made $170. The Corporation made $50.

Proposal 95

The Corporation, after seceding from the Government, has now declared war against the Government. The Corporation is now cranking out weapons to use against the Government. Both sides see this as a small war that will be finished quickly, but when you have 20th century tactics with 21st century weapons...

In response to this, players may pledge loyalty to either the Government or the Corporation. When a player allies with one of the two entities, any property they have that is colored one of the non-allied's colors in repainted in a color of the allied entity.

In personal response to this great tragedy, I have broken allegiance to the Government, and put my Metal-Detector Warehouse into full steam production.

Hopefully, the war will be long and expensive, so that the players may get the most money out of it...

Rejected. Players are already divided into four geographic factions, and I can't abide any in-fighting due to political reasons.

Proposal 96
Dan Sanderson

If, at the beginning of an update, The Corporation has more than $15,000, then The Corporation will disperse its extra funds to The Government.

Accepted. Looks like a reasonable parallel between the two powers' rules, keeping them balanced.

Proposal 97

All current insurance policies (including, but not limited to those for Explosive Insurance) are Backed by the Corporation. The Corporation charges an upkeep of 10% of the cost of purchase of each policy per week. The Corporation can stop the destruction of a square at a cost equal to the market value of the square, and will do so rather than paying in cash. The Corporation, cold, calculating bastards that they are, will cancel any insurance policy, if given an immediate incentive to do so equal or greater in value to the policy.

(If $600 in damages are done this week to things covered by a $500 policy, the Corporation will spend $500 to buy back the policy. If $300 in damages are done to things covered by a $500 policy this week, the Corporation will prevent or pay the damages. If another $300 in damages are done next week the Corporation will pay again, since it's still cheaper to pay it off than to buy it back)

Rejected. This strikes not as a broader rewriting of Explosion Insurance, but as something utterly different. I'm unsure what you mean by damage, but the only thing that inherently changes the market value of a square is the creation of a pollutant nearby; I'm not convinced Insurance is the best metaphor for that. Knowing that destruction doesn't change the market value of a square (which is not based on its population), the Corporation would chose to pay an owner his $0, not prevent the explosion, and then charge the upkeep. This makes Explosion Insurance pretty stupid.

Proposal 98
Pit Bull

[Players] vs. Best Friend: If a player destroys a square that is the property of his best friend, his team declares him an Outlaw, and he is not member of a team anymore.

Accepted. Players may be a member of one of the four teams, or they may be Outlaws. Note that a friendship may survive an incident like this.

Proposal 99

I hearby propose a new rule: Vynd's Hot Springs Resort

Vynd's Hot Springs Resort is renowned for it's soothing baths and pleasant locale. Any player who lands on Vynd's Hot Springs Resort may take any or all of the following actions, in addition to the normal effects of landing on a square.

For a cost of $20, a player may lie on the beach and get a suntan.

For a cost of $40, a player may bathe in the famous hot springs. Sick players who bathe in the hot springs are no longer sick.

Fees for the use of Vynd's Hot Springs Resort are paid to it's owner, who must give half of the proceeds to the Corporation. The owner may use the various effects of Vynd's Hot Springs Resort whenever he land there by paying half of their normal price directly to the Corporation. If Vynd's Hot Springs Resort is unowned, no one may use the above effects.

In addition to the above effects, anyone who is under the effects of glue that lands on or passes through Vynd's Hot Springs Resort has the glue instantly removed. Their movement returns to normal immediately. Note that this effect is true wether or not Vynd's Hot Springs Resort is owned. Vynd's Hot Springs Resort can never have a coat of glue applied to it.

Accepted as a new section. I will allow any player who occupies Vynd's Hot Springs Resort to purchase items, allowing for Taxi trips for the sick.

Proposal 100

The Corporation has decided to become a publicly listed body. To this end it now has 2000 $2 shares. While shares remain unsold, any player may purchase as many shares as they like (provided they want less than the number available). Once all 2000 are sold, the only way to acquire shares is to negotiate with another player on a "fair" price. Purchasing shares is an action.

From now on, all moneys gained by the Corporation will be split 50/50 between the General Fund (which is the current fund) and the Dividend Fund (with rounding up going to the General Fund). Each time the Dividend Fund exceeds $200, all shareholders receive $0.1 per share, rounded off to the nearest $1. If shares remain unsold, then the General Fund is treated as the holder of those unsold shares. (i.e. approx $200 goes out of the Dividend Fund each time, regardless of how many shares are owned).

Accepted. To avoid weird rounding from getting the players, I've written the rule to say "For every $4000 collected by The Corporation, it will pay each shareholder $1 per share held." Happy 100th proposal.

Proposal 101

A player can declare a square he owns to be a Store. A Store sells Products to players who land on it. All Products sold by a Store must be approved as proposals. A Store's Products can either be Original Products, which the Store's owner holds the patent on, or Repackaged Products, which are some other Store's Original Products with a new name and price, part of which goes to the other Store. Squares now selling Products (The Experimental Factory, the Carnival, etc) become Stores selling Original Products. The Government and the Corporation hold the patents to their paint.

When a Store is opened by its owner, the owner must declare its Theme. All Products sold by a Store must fall under this Theme. Another Store's Original Product that wouldn't otherwise fit under the Store's Theme can be Repackaged so that it does fit. (Example: A Baseball Bat sold by a Sports Store can be Repackaged and sold at a Political Equipment Store as an Urban Diplomacy Facilitation Tool.)

If a Store changes its Theme, it loses all Products and must re-propose to have new ones to sell. The owner still holds the patent to Original Products the Store sold before the Theme change.

Accepted. Any player occupying (not merely landing on) a store may shop at it. A Store may not be on the same square as a Utility. The "Experimental Technologies" section is now the "Saleable Items" section, filled with lots of fun saleable items, and listings of who owns patents on what. The following squares are now classified as stores: The Carnival, Experimental Technology Factory, and Vynd's Hot Springs Resort. (Owners of Vynd's Hot Springs Resort no longer need to pay The Corporation. Owners of The Carnival need not pay weekly fees for it to remain open. Other small things might change as a result.)

Proposal 102
Pewter Hat

We don't have any crimes yet, however I thought that this proposal might provide an interesting variant to try from the traditional forms:

The government controls truth, the corporation has the lawyers.

Any time a there is a dispute between two players one of the following two systems of justice may be used:

This is an attempt to introduce more use of experimental technologies.

Rejected. The new Store mechanism already exists, and, since it is free, this rule will probably not get much use.

Proposal 113

If a Sick player is in the same square as a not-Sick player, he may give that player a Big Kiss, making the recipient Sick.

Accepted. If a player wishes to give another player a Big Kiss based on her position earlier in the week (IX-8), she can only kiss players based on their current position.

Proposal 114

I propose to add this rule to the section on ending the game:

Whenever a cycle ends and there is more than one player who has met the requirements to become a winner, they will be known as potential winners. All potential winners then have 2 days in which to inform the admin if they would like to refuse the title of winner or not. Any potential winner that fails to inform the admin of their desire is assumed to not want the title of winner. Any player who refuses the title of winner is no longer a potential winner for that cycle.

If all potential winners refuse the title of winner, then there is no winner, and the game continues. If all but one of the potential winners refuse the title of winner, then the potential winner who wanted the title is the winner.

If two or more potential winners do not refuse the title of winner, then the admin will select at random with equal probability one potential winner to become the winner.

Accepted. This replaces the whole "A player can refuse the title of winner, prolonging the game" rule. In this spirit, much of the "Ending the Game" section changes the word "winner" to "potential winner". Players can be declared potential winners by satisfying certain criteria, and the game will end only when a player becomes a winner.

Time for Turns

In a similar way that Rule IX-5 was modified (see Proposal 106 for details), the awards from Rule IX-6 were similarly modified.

Mikail takes a tour of the Experimental Technology Factory.

Death takes a tour of the Experimental Technology Factory. Death buys a Jumpgate Builder and uses it to build a Jumpgate from Peanut Brittle Cottage to the 56th square, gaining possession of the 56th square, which Death names The Nougat Mine. Death buys a Blokcbuster. Death hires a GIPPer to dump Lime paint on The Nougat Mine.

And now, the CL turns. With the rush of Lime this week, squares of all non-White colors exist in the game.

The Corporation collected $932; The Government collected $820.

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