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Week 5
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Admin Stuff

It was pointed out that some folks landed on Public Property squares which were painted, and that these folks weren't charged rent. Um, well, it, uh, turns out that The Government has decided that none of its squares will charge rent.

Also, last week, I changed the graphic of the board to make owned squares' numbers different from unowned squares'. Someone was confused.

That makes the Pot grow by $200, and The Government's funds increase by $1677.

Proposal 67

Due to Inflation, every numerical amount in the rules (including such variations as "ten" for 10, but excepting fractions such as 1/10 or "one-tenth" or "half" or .5) has increased by "one" or 1.

Rejected. Nice idea, but suddenly Public Property becomes every eleventh square instead of every tenth, the Carnival jumps off the board, and the description of the location of the bases stops making mathematical sense.

3 5 to the 48th square, with option to buy.

Proposal 68

The Gridlock Phenomenon: Due to the structural limitations of the board and the squares of which it consists, no two players may occupy the same square at any one time. If a player's dice roll would make him or her land on a square already occupied by another player, he or she will instead land on the first empty square preceeding the anticipated 'landing square'.

Squares 1, 50, and National Parks are exempt from this rule as these can easily accomodate more than one player.

Rejected. What about CL turns? Sorry, but I'm going to be hardnosed about people who don't remember those things.

2 4 to the 46th square, with option to buy.

Proposal 69
Dan Sanderson

When a Blockbuster is placed on a square that is part of a Team's Base, all members of the team are immediately notified. Team members have between the time of notification and the time of Blockbuster detonation to disarm the bomb (regardless of their locations on the board). To disarm the Blockbuster, at least three members of the team or all members of the team, whichever is fewer, must voluntarily pay the Government $50 a piece by sending e-mail to the Admin of their wishes to do so. When a Blockbuster is disarmed, its effects upon detonation no longer apply (and it is removed from the game).

Accepted into the Experimental Technologies section.

2 3 to the 10th square.

Proposal 70

In order to promote the Nomopolic Ideal of Free Travel, and to win over those crucial re-election votes, The Government will transport any Registered Voter to any piece of Public Property. This move is instantaneous and may not be used more than once during a week.

Similarly, The Corporation, eager to impress its Business Partners (that is, anyone who owns a Corporate-Colored square), will give them free tours of any Corporation-owned square, transporting them there and waiving any normal fees that might be incurred. The Corporation gives these tours weekly, immediately before the Candyland Phase, to any Business Partner who request one.

Accepted into a new section, Easy Movement. (Many players want to make movement easier this week, it seems.)

Death, hoping the proposal would be accepted, requests a trip to the 30th square. 2 3 to the 35th square, paying $10 to The Government.

Proposal 71

Actions: Anything which effects the state of the board, the state of a player, the state of the ruleset, involves a transfer of funds, or otherwise changes the state of the game is by default an action, and subject to the rules governing actions.

Submiting proposals is not considered an action.

Discussion, with the admin or other players, of the game, is never an action, even if it leads to changes in the state of the game.

In other words, anything a player does, other than submiting proposals or just plain talking to the admin or other players, is an action, unless it is specificaly declared otherwise in the rules.

Players may take an unlimited number of actions per week by informing the admin of the action they are taking, so long as they have already submited at least one proposal that week.

Actions take place in the order that they are recieved by the admin. If an attempted action is made impossible or invalid by an earlier action, that action is considered to have failed. Any cost or benefit associated with a failed action is refunded or rescinded unless otherwise specified in the rules.

The admin will post the results of all actions, failed or otherwise, when he posts the proposals judged that week. Actions taken durring a given week are considered to have occured BEFORE any proposals judged that week go into effect.

By default, actions can not be taken back. Once an action has been submited to the admin, it can be considered to have happened (or failed), although the results will not be known immediately. It is of course, still possible to take some other action that would negate the effects of one's previous action.

Accepted. The only real change in how I behave now is that failed actions will be shown to the public now. (Now we'll see how many people try to paint something Orange.) I will, however, not force players to make proposals in order to take actions.

4 6 to Jumpworks Orange <14>, paying $14 to Josh who pays $3 to The Corporation.

Proposal 72

Due to the popularity of Jumpgates, the Government has decided to build a 'Bridge to Square #43' Bridging the ENORMOUS gap between squares #34 and #43, it is scheduled to be completed on Week 6. It will work the same way as a public-Jumpgate, but it will be government-property. Thus no one may own it or paint it. The Government will put a fair tax of $30 for use of the 'Bridge to Square

Accepted. Just because it's Public Property doesn't mean players can't paint it, however. Where'd you get that idea? The Bridge is just like a normal Jumpgate.

6 6 to Duck's Love Nest, paying $17 to Duck who pays $3 to The Corporation. Doubles! 4 2 to Swan Lake, paying $25 (=5x$5) to Duck.

Proposal 73

I propose that when a player lands on a square containing a Jumpgate, she must travel the jumpgate (with fee, if any) to the adjoining square at which time rent (etc.) shall be due. Jumpgates are bidirectional and therefore can be traveled by landing on either end. Jumpgates are not optional. (Kind of like "Shutes and Ladders," but no need to infringe copyright on yet ANOTHER game.)

Accepted, modifying the Jumpgates section. Basically, anyone who lands on a Jumpgate square will then land on its sister square, owned or not, with some extra wording thrown in to make sure people don't keep bouncing around.

3 2 to The Beat Bar.

Proposal 74

Jumpgate Technology: Available Right Now! The boffins at the Experimental Technology factory have come up with a way to install jumpgates. For the cheap price of $500, a player who owns a square may ask to have a jumpgate installed between two of their squares, or one of their squares and any unowned square, which they then acquire as a bonus, free of charge. The squares will both also be painted (included in the $500 price) to the colour of the square having the lower of the two numbers in the jumpgate. Note, however, that this may not be used to create a square with two jumpgates.

Accepted. As it's an Experimental Technology, one would have to be at the Experimental Technology Factory to pay for this installation. Painting will not be free with Jumpgates, since I smell all sorts of rule-breaking trouble with them and with blocks.

5 3 to Cookie Shop, paying $10 to Cyberspazz, who pays $2 to The Corporation.

Proposal 75

Add to the rule about first propsals coming before second proposals, etc., the following: The players' first proposals will be handled by the admin in order, sorted by the submitting players' money at the beginning of the update, from lowest to highest, followed by the squares they occupy, from lowest to highest, followed by alphabetic sorting by name. The players' second proposals will also be sorted by money, squares and names, using those values as they stand after the first proposals have all been handled. The players' third proposals will be sorted using money, squares and names as they stand after the second proposals have all been handled.

Rejected. If there were some sane reason for doing this, I might go for it. Honestly, though, it just seems designed to make me go crazy.

4 5 to Gilliamville, paying $16 to Josh who pays $3 to The Corporation.

Proposal 76
Pewter Hat

Create a square numbered 00, called "Fishin'". A player goes to "Fishin' if she either has not sent a proposal for three weeks or request that she e placed there.

If a player is sent to "Fishin'", she may not vote, may not collect any money owed her, move, or do any other activity in Monopoly. A player reactivates if she sends in a proposal or convinces tha Admin to let her, and she restarts at square 0

If she goes "Fishin' voluntarily, she may collect rent but otherwise is treated the same as an involunary person in Fishin'. she restarts the game at the s square she was when she went out, subject to any fees that are in effect on the turn she returns.

Fishin may not be bought, painted or have anything else done to it.

Players in "Fishin" are not considered active players if they are in "Fishin'"

Rejected. May not do any other activity in what?! Grrr, I ought to fine you. Anyway, it's a nice idea to have a way to put a player on an inactive list, but I'm not sure that putting them in a square is the best way to do it. After all, by making a square and giving it a number, people will be able to land in it. Maybe you need some other off-boardly place for a person, and then you'd also need rules describing what happens to folks in such a place. This'd also be a neat way to implement the Jail concept that I rejected a while ago for the same reasons.

2 3 to the 45th square, paying $10 to The Government.

Proposal 77

A square may not have more than one type of coating at a time. As of this writing the types of coatings are Tefflon and glue.

Accepted. Check out the rule at the end of the Colors section to see how conflicts get resolved.

3 2 to Duck's Double Dip (for $400), paying $2 to Duck who pays $0 to the Corporation. Double Dip time: 3 1 to The Grand Nomopoly Auditorium.

Proposal 78
Dan Sanderson

A Player may choose to transport herself to a particular square by hiring a Taxi. To hire a Taxi, she must call out "Taxi!" and e-mail the Admin of her destination. At the next update, she is transported via Taxi to her destination, taking her over the squares in numerical order, either backward or forward, whichever is the shortest route. The Taxi can take Jumpgates during its travel, but the driver (the Admin) must be told ahead of time, and the passenger (the Player) must pay the fee, if any. When the Player arrives at her destination, she must pay the Admin $10 for every square travelled over or landed on. A player may only use a Taxi once per update.

Accepted in Easy Movement. Taxis can only move at the beginning of a week.

1 4 to The Beat Bar.

Proposal 79

Hostile Takeover: When landing on a square owned by another player, the active player may choose to persuade the owning player to sell that square for twice the value of the square. This is done with the help of some shady characters from the Coercion Department of The Corporation, who takes an additional 10% commission fee for their assistance.

Rejected. Neat idea, but I think the prices are far too low, making this sort of coercion far too easy.

4 4 to the 3rd square (for $400) with option to buy. Doubles! 4 2 to the Cookie Shop, paying $10 to Cyberspazz who pays $2 to The Corporation.

Proposal 80

In order to stimulate the economy, the Government has decided to auction off all Government Owned Properties which are not National Parks or Public Property. This has so disgusted the Powers behind the Corporation, that they have cut all ties to the Government, making the two entirely separate entities, and taking half of the Treasury with them.

On the Government Page, each property to be auctioned is listed as "Going Once", "Going Twice" or "Gone". At the beginning of Each week "Gone" properties have their ownership transferred to the highest Bidder, who pays her last Bid to the Government, "Going Twice" properties become "Gone", "Going Once" properties become "Going Twice", and auctionable squares that aren't any of these become "Going Once".

Also listed on the Government Page is the highest Bid to date (But not the name of the highest Bidder). The Admin need not update this more often than weekly. The Corporation or any Registered Voter may Bid any amount more than the current highest Bid on a "Going" property. Voters Bid by sending a message to the Admin. The Corporation automatically Bids half of the Market Value of the square, and may Bid more if some other rule allows it.

Accepted into The Government section and the newly formed Corporation section. Ow. Be on the lookout for any rules which ought to refer to The Government yet refer to The Corporation, or vice versa; I wouldn't be surprised if I missed one or two. Watch for the auctions! The Government had an even $6800 at this point in time, which is now being divided in half. Your movement reminds me, The Government is keeping its Bridge.

6 2 to North Bridge. Death pays The Government $30 toll to land on South Bridge.

Proposal 81

In order to form more squares and thus reduce the numbers of times people will receive that wonderful $400, I propose the adding of another five squares immediately following The Experimental Factory. These will be normal squares open to any and all rules. Currently no special things will be located on them.

Accepted. The highest numbered square is now 56, resulting in a (somewhat boring) rectangular board.

4 2 to the 29th square, with option to buy.

Proposal 82

A player may buy explosive insurance for $500. It covers the purchaser and all properties owned by said player and is good for the life of the game. (Kind of like "Life," but again, no need to copy game titles.) If a player owns explosive insurance, then she and her squares are unaffected by any explosives or by-products, thereof. If an explosive should affect a protected player or that player's square(s), then she shall be required to pay a $50 deductable (per explosion incident, an incident being any one or multiple explosions that occur at the same time). If she can not pay the deductable, then the insurance is lost (and must be rebought) and the explosives affect her and/or her squares as they would have normally (are explosives normal?).

Accepted, in the Destruction section. The insurance protects against destruction of all sorts.

3 6 to The Round Square, paying $10 (=2x5) to Vynd.

Proposal 83

To encourage Jumpgate Creation, rent on Jumpgate squares will be the sum of the rent on itself and its sister square under other circumstances. e.g. I land on square 13, which has a jumpgate to 31. Assuming rent values of $13 and $31 (for simplicity, they may not be actual values) without the jumpgate, with the Jumpgate the rent value of both squares becomes $44.

Rejected. You were beat out by the automatic-jumping proposal; sorry.

4 3 to Gilliamville, paying $16 to Josh who pays $3 to The Corporation.

Proposal 84

Add the following rules to section X. The Government (I don't much care where exactly):

Any square or type of sqaures which is stated in the rules as belonging to the Government (or Corporation) is a permanent possesion of the the Government. It's ownership cannot be changed, except through rules changes. The only exception to this is when the rule which states that the Governemtn owns a specific square (or type of squares) also states that said square(s) are available for purchase by the public. If this is the case, the rule should specify in what manner the Goverment will conduct the sale of the sqaure(s).

If the Government (or Corporation) is ever the owner of a square that is not mentioned in the rules as being a possesion of the Government, then that square is for sale. Anyone who lands on such a square has the option to buy it, just as if it was an unowned square. The price of the square, however, is one and one half the normal market price for the square, and the money paid for the square goes to the Government.

The Government holds all the normal priviliges of a player when it owns a square, unless the rules for a specific square state otherwise. It charges rent, collects utility fees, etc. If it is ever necessary that the Government make a decision about the status of a square in it's possesion (open or closed, on or off, whatever) then registered voters will vote to determine the state of the square. If there is no quorum, then the admin shall make any such decisions.

The Government does not charge rent for Public Property, National parks, The Large Factory, or The Experimental Technology Factory.

Rejected. The bulk of this was resolved by the auctioning proposal; I like that method better than this one, actually.

1 3 to the 18th square, with option to buy.

Proposal 85

A player must complete an entire update without being, ceasing to be or getting Sick immediately before being declared the winner of the game. He can only be declared a winner at the end of an update, after all players' actions, proposals, turns and events have been processed.

Accepted into the Ending The Game section as two separate rules.

4 1 to The Toy Shoppe.

Proposal 86
Pewter Hat

The Government may have no more than 15,00 dollars in its coffers at the end of a turn, If at the end of all moves, it has more then this, any excess is distributed proportionally to the amount paid by a player to the total amount paid that turn

Accepted into The Government section. I'm assuming that the "15,00" was supposed to have a zero at the end, rather than having a comma a European decimal point or a comma as an extra character. To make things simple for me, the amount distributed will be even for all players.

6 1 to The Experimental Technology Factory, paying $50 to the Corporation.

Proposal 87

Glue may be applied to a square by any player as long as that player has landed on that square since or in the last update. (this is similar to the option to purchase a square, but it's not exclusive)

Accepted into the Colors section; check out the wording and also look at rule IX-8.

5 2 to Duck's Revenge, paying $13 to Duck who pays $3 to The Corporation. Pabrowil pays Duck $25 for use of the Jumpgate, landing on Duck Crossing, paying $34 to Duck who pays $7 to The Corporation.

Proposal 88
Dan Sanderson

The Admin shall process game activity in a particular order during an update. First, requested (voluntary) game actions that are not proposals are processed in the order received, and in the order they appear in the requesting e-mail. Second, proposals are processed as currently specified in the rules. Third, automatic (involuntary actions) are processed in the order in which they would naturally occur (e.g. dice rolls, movement, color wheel spins, fines, lotteries, etc.).

Accepted under the Actions section, to go into effect starting next week. I interpret this to also outlaws the "conditional" statements I've been collecting ("If I land on a square, I'd like to purchase it").

2 4 to The Round Square, paying Vynd $15 (=3x$5).

Proposal 89

Distance shall be defined by the Supremum Metric. The two-dimensional distance between any two squares is the greater of their horizontal and vertical separations. If two squares are equally distant from a third, the one with the smaller ordinal number.

Rejected. The one with the smaller ordinal number what? Also, we don't quite have horizontal and vertical yet, just a lot of East and South and whatnot.

4 3 to Jumpworks Orange <41>, paying $45 to Josh, who pays $9 to the Corporation. Death pays $25 to Josh for use of the Jumpgate, landing on Jumpworks Orange <14>, paying $14 to Josh who pays $3 to the Corporation.

Proposal 90

Square #45 shall be the Nomopoly Metropolitan Zoological Gardens, better known as the Zoo. Owned by the Corporation, players landing here have to pay $15. Players passing by pay $5, as people scare the animals. After paying the Entrance Fee of $15, players may choose to pay another $10 to play the game "Hungry, Hungry Herrings". If they do, they win a free Souvenir Hat. If a player does not want to play "Hungry, Hungry Herrings", they may choose to buy the Souvenir Hat for $10. If they do not want the Souvenir Hat, they will be fined $15 for not doing what the Government tells them to do. All proceeds from the Zoo will go to the Government. The Zoo can not be owned by any entity other than the government.

Accepted into The Government section. Since you cast this before the Corporate/Governmental split, and since there's more mention of The Government than of The Corporation, I'm going to say that The Government owns it all.

1 2 to the 32nd square, with option to buy.

Proposal 91

I propose that additions and subtractions of squares to the board shall only be made by the government through proposals and voting. (The government needs SOME responsibility).

Accepted into the Board section.

1 5 to DuckHead.

Proposal 92

The Admin may opt to conditionally reject a proposal by declaring it to be a Sick Proposal. A Sick Proposal can be re-proposed later by any player, but will only be accepted if the proposing player is Sick.

Accepted, although I'm not really sure why.

3 5 to the 20th square.

Proposal 93
Pewter Hat

Square cost be revised, to a square costs the lessor of the square of it's value * 2 dollars and 10 time it's value * 2. dollars.

Rejected. By picking the minimum of 2n^2 and 10n, you're just lowering the prices of the four lowest rent squares, which have a hard enough time staying economically viable as it is.

3 2 to the 56th square, with option to buy. Pewter Hat registers to vote.

Proposal 94

Create a new rule known as: The Magic Kazoo

The Magic Kazoo is a strange musical instrument with mighty powers. It is so annoying that, when played, no one can come anywhere near the musician, although she can play for days on end without respite.

The music that The Magic Kazoo generates when being played is, as mentioned above, very annoying. As a result, anyone playing The Magic Kazoo is immune to any attempts made to fine or otherwise take money from them (rent, park fees, you name it). The collectors simply can't stand to get close enough to take the money. Likewise, anyone playing The Magic Kazoo is incapable of purchasing anything, or voluntarily transfering something to another player. Not just because the Kazoo is annoying either. Have you ever tried to negotiate a deal while playing a kazoo? It's not pretty. Note that the player is capable of simply recieving things (such as rent collected from others, rewards for going around the board, etc).

The Magic Kazoo comes into existance, as soon as this proposal passes, in the hands of the player with the smallest amount of money. Whichever player is in possesion of The Magic Kazoo may begin playing it by informing the admin she is doing so. The effects of the Kazoo apply to all turns, events, etc, taking place during the week in which the player declared they would play it. Any actions the player took prior to announcing their intent to play which are impossible while playing the Kazoo are now null and void.

Once someone has informed the admin they are playing The Magic Kazoo, they cannot voluntarily stop playing it. Fortunately for them, the Kazoo will (magicaly) transfer itself into the possesion of a new player. That player will be the one who has the smallest amount of money at the end of that week, unless it is the same player who was already playing the Kazoo, in which case it goes to the player with the next smallest amount of money. In the case of a tie for smallest, or next smallest, amount of money, the admin will randomly determine which player recieves the Kazoo. Note that any player may keep the Kazoo for as long as she likes, so long as she does not begin to play the Kazoo. The Magic Kazoo can also be traded amongst players like any other item, although obviously not while it is being played. The Magic Kazoo will come into existance and transfer itself into the possesion of the player with the smallest amount of money as soon as this proposal is accepted.

Accepted as its own section in the rules. Geppetto is the first owner of The Magic Kazoo.

3 4 to the 25th square, paying $10 in park fees.

Candyland Phase

Before the Candyland Phase, Death gets transported to The Experimental Technology Factory. Death buys a Warp Bubble.

Non-White colors on the board are Blue, Fuchsia, Green, Indigo, Khaki, Maroon, Navy, Orange, Red, Teal, and Yellow. Here we go:

The Lottery

Seven tickets were sold to non-Governmental agents; the Pot had $530 in it. The winning ticket was number 9, which belonged to Mikail. Congratulations.

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