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Week 13
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Opening Stuff

The Government has $16059, so it will distribute $62 to each of the seventeen players, leaving $5 for the SBA. The Corporation pays $1 for each share of Stock held. It also begins to issue 1000 more shares at $3 each. Some products that failed Testing a while ago are removed: the Small Shiny Object, Gumdrops, Gummy Bears, and Peanut Brittle.

The collected $300 from the Anti-White tax gets distributed between Death (two shares), Duck, Geppetto, Mikail, Moonchilde, Pabrowil, Pewter Hat (two shares), Pit Bull, and Vynd (two shares), at $25 per share.

Proposal 230

Ok, enough with the Government Proposals. They never pass. Remove them from the rules. Regular Proposals can once again be used to create squares. The concept of a Registered Voter remains, though, since there are so many other benefits.

Accepted, for the extra $100 cleaning-up-the-rules bonus. Trees can now only be removed by the destruction of a square.

Proposal 231
The 34th Veil

In the End Times, we must all find ways to waste time. One of the best ways is to have stupid contests! Everyone has until the end of the game to vote (once per person) for their favorite square name. Whoever has the most votes gets an award of $150.

Accepted. I like it.

Proposal 232

Create a Product called the Impersonator 2000, patent held by Pabrowil, price $600, with the following effects:

  1. Any player ("the User") who uses a Impersonator 2000 can select a player it to impersonate ("the Victim"). For any purpose not included in this description the Impersonator 2000 is the Victim. (No, that dosen't mean it impersonates itself.)
  2. Any action taken by the Impersonator 2000 that would result in movement of the Victim has the movement applied to the User instead. Any cost resulting from this application is applied to the Victim.
  3. Once used, the Impersonator 2000 lasts either until the end of the week or until the Victim has lost $2000 because of the impersonation, whichever comes first.
Due to the fact that the Impersonator 2000 duplicates all of the effects (and more) of the Disguise Kit, the owner of the patent on the Impersonator 2000 must pay 50% of any monies recieved from the patent to the owner of the patent of the Disguise Kit. The Impersonator 2000 is carried by The Toy Shoppe as the Better Disguise Kit with a 10% royalty.

Accepted. Looks like players sort of climb into the Impersonator 2000. I know what some of you deviants will be trying with the Impersonator 2000, and it's quite slick, acutally. Still, $2000's a bit high; I'll lower it to, oh, $1000. I make the ruling now: If you are the Victim, being disguised as someone else does not save you from having to pay.

Proposal 233
Pit Bull

If the tallying of the total number of corporation shares does not show the number of shares that is mentioned in the rules, the missing shares shall be given to the player owning the Magic Kazoo, who then has to give it away.

Rejected. I've made that mistake just once, and it was easy to fix. Sheesh, everyone wants to makes rules about me screwing up instead of helping me out.

Proposal 234

I propose that a player may donate a piece of land to charity. In doing so he gets no money, but the player with the least number of lands may accept or reject it as a gift. If he rejects the land it will then be offered to the next "poorest" in similar manner. All ties are broken by money, with bankrupt players being inelegible.

Accepted. This is quite polite indeed. Instead of waiting on each player (the ones with little property are often the ones who don't play often), Charity will be given to the land-poorest player who requests it at the beginning of the week.

Proposal 235

Title: Strategic Pre-Tornado Scamming Tactic
I propose that in rule II.8, "Dan Sanderson" be replaced by "a surviving player of the exiting player's choice". Also, add a new clause, II.9: "If a player leaves the game, but in doing so causes a surviving player to win within 1 week (either by qualifying as the Winner or winning a Messed Up game), then the player leaving the game shall be called the Ex-Scammer, and shall receive second place for the purpose of the Imperial Nomic Hall of Fame. If more than one exiting player is responsible for the win, then second place shall be shared." In other words, if you get out but get someone else to win, you sort of win as well.

Accepted. Looks like I get to decide if a leaving player really helped the winner or not. It'll probably be cut-and-dried, but you never know.

Proposal 236

Two players in the same square may exchange items freely by both players notifying the admin of which objects they are giving to the other player.

Complete waste of time. Sorry, but we actually have a rule like that buried somewhere in the ruleset. Um... there it is. VIII-1.

Proposal 237
Pit Bull

If this passes a vote once, the goverment shall each turn attempt to use nuclear fishing and shall give the newly created square to the player who possesses the least number of squares.

Rejected. I see no problem with creating new unowned squares, but automatically giving them to players is a bit flaky. Worse, though, is the fact that there are no tie-breakers in this case. Also, it makes one of the easiest methods to win (having more than half the owned squares) nearly impossible.

Proposal 238

Title: Phantom Piece Runs Amok!
Insert between XXXVI.4 and the old XXXVI.5 (to be renumbered XXXVI.6) a new XXXVI.5: "The Phantom Piece shall then take three of its ordinary moves in sequence, and the effects for its Location which normally take place at the end of each Week will have immediate impact."

Accepted. Muahahaha! Wow, that is some serious Impending Doom. Granted, this is incredibly random, but I feel that the Phantom Piece awards or harms people fairly. That is, either everyone gets hurt, everyone gets helped, or something happens to benefit people who have made "positive" game decisions (registering to vote or buying stock, for example). I know a lot of you don't like having to help out your teammates, but you'll all have to learn to live together or join the Freemasons, I guess.

Proposal 239

A player will be declared the winner of the game if they pass square 1 three times during one update

Rejected. When Easy Movement can take place twice in a turn, people do this routinely.

Tivol First, the Pseudoplayers:

Real players: For more Easy Movement, Pit Bull takes a Taxi to My Blue Haven for $160. Death hitches a ride to Queen's Rook Six. And the CL phase: The Phantom Piece is on Lime for Palm-Greasing. Jason Coleman, Minister of Right, and Ra each pay $300 to The Government, which, in turn, pays $64 each to Cyberspazz, Dan Sanderson, Death, Duck, Geppetto, Josh, Mikail, Moonchilde, Pabrowil, Pewter Hat, Pit Bull, Slakko, The 34th Veil, and Vynd.

One of the Goverment's ten tickets wins the Lottery; the Pot will roll over.

We are sad to say good-bye to Cyberspazz, who offers Cookie Shop up for Charity and gives the rest of his objects to the West Team: Mikail gets $380 and Pit Bull gets $400.

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