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Week 12
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Opening Stuff

The Government has $15230, so it will disperse $230 among the 17 players, giving each player $13 with $7 to the SBA.

The collected $250 in Anti-White tax gets distributed between Death (two shares), Duck, Geppetto, Mikail, Moonchilde, Pabrowil, Pewter Hat (two shares), Pit Bull, and Vynd (two shares) at $20 per share, with $10 extra going to the SBA.

Proposal 219
Dan Sanderson

A player may leave the game by informing the Admin. The player may choose one of the following to happen as they leave:

  1. All of the player's assets, including all cash, all property, and all objects, will be donated to the Government. The Government will retain all cash, and auction all property in accordance with rule X.7. Objects will be auctioned off in the same auction as one item, called a Grab Bag, and otherwise treated like property to be auctioned.
  2. All of the player's assets, including all cash, all property, and all objects, will be donated to the Corporation. The Corporation will retain all cash, and offer to sell all property and objects at 120% market value. Any player may purchase these property and objects at any time from anywhere, first come first serve.
  3. All of the player's assets will be distributed randomly to the other players in the following manner: One square of property, one object, and a bundle of money up to $200 (as much as possible to fill a bundle) is considered one "thing" (not and official game term, but just for the purposes of this rule). The Admin will pick a random player (with uniform probabiliy--not the departing player, of course) that hasn't yet been given a thing and give her one thing, until all things are given out. If every player has received a thing by this rule, then the Admin will pretend nobody received a thing, and continue giving out things. [IOW, nobody gets a second thing until everyone has had a chance to receive a thing.]
  4. All of the player's assets will be distributed randomly to the other players in her team, as per the method described in the previous item.
  5. All of the player's assets will be donated to player Dan Sanderson.
If a departing player does not specify an asset dispursal method, the choice will default to the first method.

Accepted. I'd give you a gigantic bonus, but I'm afraid it's not in the rules. And, actually, I'm almost a bit surprised that the last option isn't the default. Oh well. If you ever leave, try not to pick the last option or things will get confused.

Proposal 220
Pit Bull

A pedlar has set up a shop in Dungeon Deceit selling Adventurers Goods:

Darts: 5 darts at $500. A dart may be thrown in North, West, East, or South direction, hitting and hurting the first player in it's path. The dart follows a canonical path.

Poison glue: Poison glue may be applied to any weapon (sth. that causes hurt) and causes the one falling victim to that weapon to be 'poisoned'. Poisoned player get sick and stay hurt till they have cured themselves from their malady.

Rejected. I like the Dart idea, but I'm confused-- does it travel to an adjacent square or does it go a straight line or does it bend like canonical paths do? Also, the poison glue doesn't have a cost associated with it. I'd need to interpret far too many things in this proposal that should've been included in the first place.

Proposal 221

Players may feed game items (not including squares) to the elephant if they are in its square. After the elephant has been fed four things, for every additional thing it is fed it has a 50% chance of expelling a randomly selected 50% of the things it contains, the remaining things being destroyed. When it expels items it paints the square the current Elephant Expulsion Square Color (initially khaki). Players may retrieve game items expelled into a square, but become sick when doing so.

Accepted; declared a Sick Proposal. Did you know that Dan Sanderson would be sneezing on you? This is disgusting. Cute, though. Check the rules for the way that expelled items are handled and how Sick everyone gets.

Proposal 222

I propose that there shall be a fifth psuedoplayer-the assassin. The assassin will be placed on top of the Watertower. From there, the Assassin will shoot its prey-the Phantom Piece. Every week, the Assassin will be given two dice. If one of the dice rolled is a "1", then it fires its gun and kills the Phantom Piece forever. The Assassin does not move, it stays atop the Watertower. Once the Phantom Piece is dead, it will leave the board, never to return.

Rejected. I know everyone hates the Phantom Piece, but without random lossage of money, the game will never end.

Proposal 223

Title: Not so Messed Up
If the game shall be Messed Up (which shall include a game left hanging by the Admin's not continuing it after the Tornado), then all players shall have their Net Value calculated, and the player with the highest Net Value shall be declared the Winner. A player's Net Value is equal to the market value of their properties in total, plus the value of their shares, plus their cash, plus the price of all Objects in their possession.

Accepted. It's a fair enough system for determining Net Value, I suppose. It misses some things, but I expect that's intentional.

Pewter Hat

This proposal would create a new Rule:
There exists a square called the Hole, which is considered to be between square one and the last square, for the purposes of determining the fare. Anyone can take a Taxiride to the hole chains not withstanding. once there, they can hide out. Hiding out means that no penalties can befall you, a player can't have a court case brought against them, a team member can not cause money to be wagered against them. While in the hole, a player may not earn rent, any patents she holds expire, disappear, what have you, any squares owned revert to base color (and are assumed to be teflonized.) any job held reverts to the agency that sponcers it. Additionally, a players that is in the hole can not win, nor can she win for the same number of turns after sge leaves the hole. A player leaves the hole by telling the Admin. The Government owns the hole.

Illegal. The passage of the proposal itself would create a new square, and that's outlawed. I'd have some problems with this proposal anyway, however: What happens if someone rolls and moves into the Hole unintentionally? I like the idea of letting players hide out, and maybe that option should exist without having it be tied to a location on the board.

Proposal 224
Pewter Hat

This proposal amends "Trials"
A if a case is tried in Corporate courts, any player may spend 50 dollars and buy an additional die for either side. The die may only be used is a given case, on a given side,

Accepted. Players are always allowed to buy Extra Dice at that rate for on any die roll, but I suppose this makes it cheaper and easier.

Proposal 225
Dan Sanderson

We're all a bit freaked out by the Impending Doom, so to ease preparations, I propose we replace section XXI, part 1, with the following:

1. A player may not use a rule from this section more than twice in one week.
(Yes, allows for each method of Easy Movement to be used twice in one week.)

Accepted. Fine, fine, everyone's been asking for it. I'll always forget to do it, but, oh well. The second Easy Movement will take place... immediately after the first. No, just kidding. It will happen before the CL turn. If you all want to get $400 each turn, so be it. BTW, Doom strikes at Week 14.

Proposal 226
Pit Bull

Every time after the Corporation has paid dividend to it's shareholders, it shall create another 1000 shares, and the share price will rise by $1.

Accepted, starting with the next pay-off.

Proposal 227

Change XVI.5's reference of "yellow" to "the current Sick Square Color (initially yellow)". When either the Elephant Expulsion Square Color or the Sick Square Color is the same color as a player's block, the owner of the block may request that the respective Square Color be changed to another non-block color, including white.

Accepted. Woo-hoo.

Proposal 228

Anti-Scamming Operation
Ownership of property requires that players hold the nominal Title Deeds to their properties. All players who own property are immediately given one title deed per square they own, and purchase of a square cannot occur unless the buyer also receives an additional title deed. Playing the Magic Kazoo prevents a player from receiving Title Deeds, as they don't have sufficient hands free to complete the transaction. Players purchasing previously unowned squares automatically receive a Title Deed from the Government.

Accepted. I interpret this to basically mean "Nobody playing the Magic Kazoo can gain ownership of a square while playing." I have no idea what will happen during an auction, but we can burn that bridge then.

Proposal 229

Change III.5's reference of "board" to "player-owned squares".

Accepted. You haven't won yet, though.

All Your Questions Answered

There were a lot of questions this week, actually:

If anyone who takes a Taxi ride somewhere gets Sick, should the Taxi Driver be Sick too?
If the Driver pays to take a ride somewhere (as he did), he becomes Sick. If the Driver just drives someone else around, he doesn't.
Is the square "anchored down by being mentioned in the ruleset (directly or indirectly)" anchored down, by being mentioned in the ruleset (directly or indirectly) and hence immune from Tornado rearrangement?
Oh, sure. One can interpret the rules both ways at the same time without much conflict, depending on whether you use the rule to test ofr positives or for negatives. At least if it's going to compete with It's my square! You can't have it, I tell you!!! for the Most Annoying Square Name Award, some good should at least come out of it.
The Tornado rule says every square referenced in the rules directly or indirectly... Isn't EVERY square mentioned indirectly, when talking about the board, colors, ownership, rent, etc.?
Well, yeah, I guess. Phew, that saves a lot of work.
I haven't noticed any WETHA rent-avoidance die rolls. Is this an oversight, or have I missed a fine point of the rules?
I think I utterly forgot last week. In general, I just the "interesting" rolls since some people get three or four hundred dice rolled for them.
In the rule for the All-Nighter, it says it gives me an extra proposal per turn. I assume you meant per update?
Right. Duh. It's fixed.
That was fun. And now:



Real players: And now, the CL turns: And now the Phantom Piece is on... Yellow. That's Extortion. All players pay $200 to the Corporation. Sorry, folks.

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