= links =
There are a few web sites out there that I really enjoy, and this may be my only chance to spread the word about them. While some of the servers do things I think are questionable with respect to HTML and the serving thereof, I like these sites for their content.

There are two political cartoonists I really enjoy whose work I can't find in local papers, Ted Rall and Tom Tomorrow. Tom kinda slips sometimes, but Ted is generally on every week.

Most people know about The Onion, but that doesn't make it any less funny. Well, actually, some weeks it is less funny, but I don't think there's any correlation.

The Hong Kong Movie Database is limited in its scope, but I happen to like the field it covers.

Although I worked for the company, NEWS.COM is still a site that I think is well-done. I swear I'm not shilling for my summer employers, because if I were, I'd point to a site I actually had a hand in making.

This list has shrunk a lot from its days of hugeness. I apologize to anyone looking for something truly amazing.