= classes =
Here at MIT, we use an "R" to designate Thursdays. Most universities use a "Th", sometimes even creating their own special typeface with a narrow "Th" and "Tu" to take up as much space as an "M" or "F", but not here. In fact, the predominance of the "R" means that goofy math or physics professors can't use a tau and a theta for days of the week. Sad, but I thought you should know in case you're actually interested in my schedule.

7.03, Genetics, is a class I'm taking on a lark. When I was a freshman, I thought I might want to take the class, so I'm doing it now while I still can. It's frightening, though, how many crazed sophomore pre-meds are there, clicking their four-color ball-point pens each time the lecturer picks up colored chalk.
MWF 11:am-noon.

21H210, Cold War and American Film, is pretty much explained in its title. It's a fun class, but it's the start of my Tuesday and Thursday gauntlet I need to run. Watch the times of my classes on these days carefully; no time for meals, no time to rest.
TR 10:am-1:pm.

6.821, Programming Languages, is a class that teaches the background needed to look at an arbitrary language and analyze it, or to write one yourself. I don't quite like some of the math notation they choose to use, but, hey, they're computer scientists. What can you do?
TR 1:pm-2:30pm.

21W785, Communicating in Cyberspace, is the ninth class I've taken that requested I create a home page. You may think that the tiny half-hour break before this class starts is good for getting food or resting, but it's not such a boon.
TR 3:pm-4:30.

18.504, Seminar in Logic, met on the first day to decide when we'd meet for the rest of the term. I lost, but not as badly as others might have lost. A selfless sacrifice for what might wind up being my last math class. Makes me sad to think about that, actually.
TR 4:pm-5:pm, F 1:pm-2:pm