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I am one of three siblings: I have a twin brother, Srikant (residency at Mercy & Moses-Taylor Hospital, PA) and an elder brother, Jaisurya (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, New Delhi). My dad was a professor of Urban Planning and Dean at the School of Planning and Architecture and my mom is a dentist. We have lived in Delhi most of our lives but my home town in in Tellicherry, Kerala. 

A Picture of my Family: From left to right: my dad (Prof. TM Vinod Kumar), my elder brother (Jaisurya), my mom (Dr. Vanaja Kumar) and at the bottom, my brother (Dr. Srikant) and me (or maybe its the other way round.






Siddarth Kumar siddarth@mit.edu MIT TouchLab 50 Vassar Street, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA 02139-4307 Tel:(617) 253 8503