My work on Measurable Augmented Reality for Prototyping Cyber-Physical Systems (MAR-CPS) has been featured in various technology news websites.

"By seeing in real-time when and how a robot decides to take the actions that it does, it'll be a lot simpler to debug and get it doing things that reliably make sense."

Evan Ackerman, Senior Writer at IEEE Spectrum

"For researchers, this constitutes a huge advantage that could streamline the design and debugging process."

Jordan Pearson, Writer at VICE Motherboard

"Every time we walk on the sidewalk, we're offered countless visual cues contextualizing the people around contrast, a world in which drones go about their day, completely pokerfaced and detached from humanity, is a world that's no longer designed for the human experience."

Mark Wilson, Senior Writer at FastCoDesign

"The sky's the limit as far as the types of virtual environments that the new system may project."

Jennifer Chu, Writer at MIT News Office

"By being able to see the robot's perception of the environment superimposed over the real thing, many of its formerly nonsensical behaviors can suddenly make sense."

Ben Coxworth, Writer at Gizmag

"What MIT has done is provide a more intelligible way to bug-fix robot AI, one that doesn't require combing through opaque blocks of code but which shows decision processes in real-time."

Graham Templeton, Writer at Geek

"It's an easy way to test technology before releasing it into the real world...with less risk if something goes wrong."

Shannon Nargi, Writer at BostInno

"By projecting the robots' intentions, they were able to spot problems in the underlying algorithms, and make improvements much faster than before."

The Times of India

"Deployment of autonomous vehicles...may happen much sooner than was previously possible thanks to breakthrough work by researchers at MIT."

Eric Hopton, Writer at RedOrbit