Urine Love >From The Realist, Number 127 Spring, 1994

Urine Love

by Stanley Young

There comes a moment of decision in each of our lives when we hear that small voice within ask: "Shouldn't I be drinking my own urine?"

The answer, according to a urine-drinkers support group I attended with a friend recently was definitely "Yes!"

The setting was a modest two-story condo on a quiet street in Los Angeles. Rain had been falling ealier in the evening. It was cool, and the walkway to the front door now glistened with pools of water.

Inside, it was warm and welcoming. About ten people in the living room stood in groups of twos and three, chatting and laughing. Classical music played in the background, and a pile of books and pamphlets lay scattered over the coffee table. I picked up 'The Miracles of Urine Therapy' (Water of Life Institute, 1987) and read the blurb on the back. "The therapy outlined in this book is an entirely drugless system of healing; the only ingredient is a substance manufactured by the body, rich in minerals, salts, hormones, and other vital substances, namely human urine."

I put the book down and wandered over to the kitchen. On the table there I caught signt of a couple of slabs of cheese -- Cheddar and Brie -- a basket with a selection of crackers, some cookies, and two large bottles of fruit juice. One was apple.

I cut a slice of cheddar cheese, grabbed a couple of crackers and, after only a slight hesitation, poured out a glass of apple juice and took a small sip. It was, gratefully, sweet and I returned to the living room where two men and a woman, all in their late thirtiesor mid forties, were engaged in animated conversation. "... and do you gargle with it?" asked the woman.

"Absolutely," replied the stocky, balding man energetically. "And I hold my hand cupped like this and let jus a little slowly seep into my nose, too. It cures my asthma."

"My filling came out yesterday," chimed in the second man, "and I can feel it curing my tooth already. There's a big hole there but I'm not feeling any pain at all."

I returned to the kitchen for some more cheese and found Abby, the woman who had organized this get-together. She was wearing a fashionalbe knit outfit in autumn colors and had an open and friendly smile. She was holding a serving platter on which were four small carved glass goblets. Two were filled with an almost luminescent pale yellow liquid, a completely different color from the apple juice.

"...and is that..."

"Yes," she smiled, sensing my question. "It's my urine." She picked one of the filled goblets off the platter and took a long sip.

"There's two more glasses here if anyone else wants to try,"she said, offering the empty glasses to a couple standing and talking by the kitchen door. "...if you get inspired later."

Inspiration there was, in abundance. For most of those gathered at the apartment, urine was more than a bodily excretion. It was indeed the Water of Life, a miraculous elixir and a long neglected cure. They washed their faces with it. They rinsed out their eyes with it. They rubbed it into their hair. They warmed up 4-day old urine, scrubbed it all over their skin, and left it there to dry. And, of course, they drank it whenever they could. "It's the runoff from your blood," said Abby, kicking off the evening's presentation and discussion. "It's got everything you need to cure yourself. How many of yo here tonight have tried drinking your own urine?" she asked the room. Seven people raised their hands. "I've only tried it a few times," admitted one tall man in the front, smiling. "I'm not slugging it down yet or anything like that...."

Abby smiled. Everyone has to start at their own pace, she informed us, and she had some sage advice for the new and would-be urine drinkers in the crowd.

"The first urine in the morning is the best," she said, referring to its healing powers, not its taste. The other experienced drinkers agreed that the first morning's "catch" was, perhaps, a trifle too gamy for the uninititated.

"I suggest for the first time that you drink a glass or two of pineapple juice, and then drink your urine afterwards," said one man. "It'll taste just like pineapples!"

One man, an unemployed actor and self-admitted alcoholic inthe AA program, revealed that drinking urine cured him of shingles three months ago, and he hadn't missed a day since then.

"Now I'm so into this," he bubbled. "I soak my feet in it. I put it in my eyes. Rub it into my hair."

The man held up a 32-ounce juice bottle he carried around with him in a backpack. It was filled to the brim with a clear, pale yellow fluid.

"This is about a day's catch," he said. "That's about what I drink a day. I call it Caribbean water - warm and just a little salty. Some say to age your morning catch, and that's what I do."

With the enthusiasm of every new convert, he misses no opportunity now to spread the good word of urine-drinking to all he meets.

"I've already lost two friends," he admitted. "They don't seem to understand."

Perhaps his friends don't understand that, like the body, one's urine is constantly changing. The actor related how his urine had gone "from a salty taste, to, well, almost smoked oysters."

"Sometimes it's exquisite," added a thin woman in the last row of folding chairs. "And if you fast on it - just urine and water - by 6 o'clock in the evening it's *fantastic*, delicious."

Several of the experienced drinkers nodded in agreement.

"It's an ancient therapy," the actor added. "It goes back to the pyramids, to the Vedas, to the Bible. It's holy...." He stopped for a moment, almost unable to contain himself. "If you're suffering from mental problems, it will realease that, too."

"Jesus used urine therapy," said a man who had just arrived and was about to sit down on the stairs at the back of the room. He looked to be in his late twenties. "Forty days and forty nights in the desert - what else was there to drink? Ghandi used to do it in prison. He couldn't have made it otherwise."

The young man then shifted into an explanation of Christ's "missing years." the twelve or thirteen years when Jesus of Nazareth had wandered through Tibet and into India where, among many other ancient Eastern practices the young seeker adopted, he started drinking his own urine. When he returned to the Middle East, he continued the practice. And, apparently, also taught it to his followers.

"When they bastardized Christianity," the young man continued by way of explanation, "they took some stuff out, and part of that was urine therapy."

How different the Eucharist might have been, I wondered. The young man's historical analysis was, perhaps, difficult to substantiate. Not so the words of the next man to stand and speak.

He was a professional classical guitaritst, I was later told. His face was somewhat thin, but his skin had a natural and healthy glow to it, like the complexions you see among those who drink lots of wheatgrass or carrot juice.

"George had AIDS," said Abby, by way of introduction, and, I thought, to prompt him to speak. George nodded.

"I used to have Kaposi's sarcoma on my legs, my gums were rotting and I had recurring pneumonia." he said in a quiet voice.

He lifted the cuff of his pants to show his leg. The skin there was clear. He had arrived at drinking urine as a last resort, he told us. All his other attempts at curing his symptoms, using drugs and Western medical treatments, simply weren't working.

"I used to have gray back through here and here," he said, brushing his hand over the front and sides of his head, "and my hair was falling out."

His hair that night was slightly unkempt, but nonetheless full, healthy and a uniform very dark brown, almost black. The same color as his untrimmed beard.

George described how he had started the urine treatment all at once, drinking it, rubbing it in his hair, soaking his eyes in it and so forth. Within a year, his symptoms had disappeared and had never returned. In fact, the vision in one of his eyes had improved from 20 over 400 to 20 over 75, and he rarely wore glasses now.

He thought about his experience a moment. "All my friends are dead who went the normal routes," he said. "It has your life-force in it." He looked up. "It's holy."

The room was silent for a moment.

One woman in a folding chair on the side of the room raised her hand. "But doesn't it contain.....I mean, isn't it what the body excretes? Isn't it waste products....?"

"It's our mindset," answered one tall woman in the far corner of the room. "We think it's filthy," she said, emphasizing the last word forcefully.

Several drinkers in the room had other answers at the ready. Urine, they explained, building up a mosaic of facts, is filtered blood, sterile, 96% water, and can contain your own antibodies and hormones, which help boost your immune system. Urine also contains a load of substances that the body needs, including urea, a chief component of urine. And for those of you who may have been wondering whether drinking urine might lead to harder stuff, we were informed that the bowel and the colon trap all material you're *not* supposed to reingest.

"After you cross the psychological barrier," said the man beside the tall woman, "it feels harmonious. It's a real mild taste. Not at all like what it smells."

It can fight off any pathogen on the planet," added George, the musician who had cured himself of AIDS.

"They're curing leprosy, cancer, and the AMA is against it because it's free," said the man who had previously talked about the urine-Jesus connection. "I heard a story," said Abby, "about a barren couple who drank each other's urine. They even bathed their genitals in it. It was very sexual."

"His sperm count rose," said a man across the room who had heard the same story.

"....and she bore many children," added Abby.

One woman who had arrived only five minutes before, stood up. She was a naturopathic healer, and was responsible for introducing five people in the room, all former patients of hers, to the world of urine-drinking.

She herself had learned about the practice from a friend who came back from India raving about it. Shortly afterward, the naturopathic healer had root canal treatment. One night, with her mouth throbbing unbearably, she decided to drink her own urine as an attempt to get rid of the pain.

"Everybody remembers their first time," she said, smiling, and all the other drinkers nodded and smiled in appreciation.

She was amazed to discover that within ten minutes the pain subsided and subsequently disappeared. When, as an experiment, she stopped drinking her urine two days later, the pain returned.

That was nine years ago. Today she does not drink all the urine here body produces like some of those in the room. She uses it to cure cuts and bruises, and occasionally as an eyewash, and drinks it whenever she feels her body needs it, especially when she travels.

She had just returned from a nine-day visit to Australia, and had been drinking a lot of her urine while there.

"All that traveling," she explained, "the change in time zones, that can weaken your immune system. Drinking your urine gives you that little bit of extra protection when you're weakened like that."

There was also an added benefit to drinking your own urine abroad.

"When I'm traveling it's a wonderful tool," she said. "You don't have to worry about drinking contaminated water."

"For two weeks after the earthquake, people in Bel-Air and Brentwood had to boil their water," said one man in the back. "If they only knew......"

"Urine." added the naturopath. "Why not? It's sterile, it's pure and it's filtered. It's better than bottled water. It's free."

My friend, who had accompanied me to the meeting, was still thinking about what we had both heard and seen that night.

"When I flushed my piss down the toilet the next morning," he told me later, "I just thought: What a waste."

I have received a lot of email based on this article. Let me re-iterate that I personally do not drink my own urine and merely put this article up here because I found it an interesting facet of humanity.

There are those that take the practice very seriously. Indeed, I received a recent message from someone who went to the first annual conference on the subject held in India. He was kind enough to send me a copy of his paper on the subject, which I include here:

Mr. Coen van der Kroon

Kinkerstraat 82-C

1053 EA Amsterdam

The Netherlands

tel/fax: + 31 20 6835510

e-mail: cvdk@knoware.nl

In Search of an Explanation:

Urine Therapy, Transmutation and 'The Healer Within'.

(This paper consists of parts of Chapter 5 of Coen van der Kroon's book The Golden Fountain; The Complete Guide to Urine Therapy, Gateway Books, Amethyst Books 1996, ISBN 0-944256-73-2)

It has always been a kind of vocation for me to connect East and West, ancient and modern, spiritual heritage and science. So with urine therapy: it has a rich history, certainly here in the East. It is connected with spiritual practice as well as with modern scientific research. A good example is the research project at the university of Newcastle into the effect of drinking morning urine by Indian yogis on their meditation practice. This paper is meant to make another such a small connection.

Over the years, urine therapy has proved to be an effective tool for healing. Most urine therapists, some of whom have been practising urine therapy for decades, have never sought an explanation for why it works: their own experiences were sufficient proof. For some time now, however, there has been increasing interest in the search for a scientific explanation. This is because urine therapists believe it is important for urine therapy to be acknowledged as a valid method of treatment: doctors should be well informed about the effects of this therapy so that as many people as possible can benefit from it. Since members of the medical world demand an explanation, the interest in scientific research has grown.
Another reason for this growing interest is that a number of 'mainstream' doctors have also had positive experiences with urine therapy, which is reason enough for them to investigate how and why it works. This is not a recent development: in the 1930's, for example, the German pediatrician Martin Krebs successfully treated many patients with urine therapy, and subsequently published the results (1). As a physician, he was convinced that urine therapy was an effective method of treatment, but he also realised that other doctors would not readily accept this fact since it conflicted with the scientific dogma which formed the foundation of their profession.

A good deal of research has already been conducted within the medical world into the composition of urine and its separate components. The researchers Free and Free published a report listing two hundred substances found in urine. They point out that these are only the most significant substances, and that urine probably contains thousands of components.(2) Several substances found in urine seem to be of value as medication, some of which have already been processed and used as such.
The fact that certain individual components of urine are effective does not prove that urine therapy is effective. Conversely, however, it can be assumed that the components which have a particular effect as an individual substance, have the same effect when taken as a component of urine. In certain cases it could be imagined that the combination of these substances with other components of urine reduces or cancels out the effectiveness, but this is not the most obvious conclusion. We can, therefore, reasonably assume that if an individual substance displays a certain characteristic, it will also have this characteristic as a component of urine. The more individually effective substances found in urine, the stronger the argument that urine as a total entity has a therapeutic effect.
A condition of this argument is that urine as a total entity does not contain substances with an obviously harmful effect: as yet there is no evidence to suggest that such substances have been found in urine. The small amounts of possibly toxic substances which can be found in urine largely seem to have a positive effect on the immune system. If urine did contain extremely harmful substances, it would be difficult to explain how many people (myself included) who drink their own urine every day for years could still be in exceptionally good health.
So research has not yet been conducted on urine as a total entity which can be therapeutically applied. Still unanswered are questions regarding how and why urine therapy works, since urine is used here as a total entity. A number of hypotheses have, however, been suggested which can serve as the basis for further scientific research. One of those hypotheses I would like to propose here. This hypothesis deals with the immunological effect of urine therapy and its deeper energetical dynamics. It deals with the socalled 'healer within'. Urine therapy has often been associated with spiritual practice which might make it seem a bit magic. But, as science is discovering today, ancient spiritual ideas come very close to todays most recent discoveries in the field of quantum mechanics and vibrational healing methods.

But back to the basics: Urine therapy (using self produced urine) can be considered to be an extension of the methods of Jenner and Pasteur.(3) An important task of the immune system is to rid the human body of diseased or unusable substances that have developed during the course of an illness. When these substances reach healthy tissue, the serum or blood becomes stronger, the activity of leucocytes (white blood cells) increases, and the patient probably recovers. This phenomenon is known as auto inoculation or self vaccination and can be seen as mother nature's method of healing an illness without external intervention.
Urine therapy can be seen as a form of self vaccination: certain bodily substances which have been removed from the body, some of which may have been produced as a result of illness, are re introduced into the body in small amounts. These substances are re absorbed into the blood through either the intestines or the skin. According to this hypothesis, the immune system is then given the chance to react appropriately.
The doctors Remington, Merler and Uhr have demonstrated that a particular part of urine protein is able to eliminate certain pathogens.(4) This discovery supports the assumption that urine therapy can be used to treat or prevent certain illnesses.
In the early nineteenth century, Dr. Charles Duncan conducted research into therapies with self produced substances, including urine therapy.(5) He demonstrated that patients suffering from gonorrhoeic urethritis (infection of the urinary tube as a result of the venereal disease gonorrhoea) produce their own medication in the form of their own discharge. Auto therapy was applied here by placing a drop of a patient's discharge directly on the tongue, in order to stimulate the body's natural powers. This method had a strong healing effect at every stage of the illness: if applied at an early stage, it could cause the gonorrhoea to disappear.
Auto therapy is based on the principle that the body can use all fresh, self produced, unaltered diseased tissue substances which originate from the micro organisms causing the illness. Seen in this light, patients have their own medication in exactly the form constructed by nature to heal their condition.
The results of Dr. William D. Linscott's research suggest that auto therapy strengthens and stimulates the immune system, in particular with regard to the T cells. The T cell population of several patients who initially displayed a low T cell count increased after treatment with urine therapy.(6)

The Transmutation theory

Most of what has been said here will be valid from a strictly mechanistic point of view. The transmutation theory, though, needs a new, wholistic paradigm which is based more on the dynamics of energies. (7)
In recent scientific research, a shift is visible from reductionism to wholism. It is beyond the scope of this paper to go into this matter. I nevertheless want to take the new paradigm fully into account here in trying to find explanations for the effectiveness of urine therapy.
Urine can be considered to contain an exact holographic picture of the body fluids and tissues. The biofeedback of this holographic information by re ingesting the urine may well inform the energy system in a way which helps restoring a disturbed balance.
The medical doctor and urine therapist Abele cautiously discusses the possible effect of urine as holographic feedback:
"The question rises as to whether urine could possibly be considered to be a sort of liquid hologram. Once the body has been made conscious of urine in an unconventional way (such as it being reintroduced into the body by intramuscular injection) the whole organism evaluates it and subsequently updates its own regulating mechanisms (at least in specific cases)." (8)

The theory of transmutation implies that the body is capable, through energetic exchange within the body itself, to transmute certain substances or molecules into other ones. 'Short circuiting' the system by ingesting one's own secreted body fluids might stimulate the transmutational forces within and challenge the body to transform unusable substances into usable ones without being constantly disturbed by new external input. It could possibly go as deep as to restructure disturbed DNA. This would specifically apply to fasting on urine.(9)
An important aspect here is the theory of structured water. The body consists for the biggest part of water and so does urine. Not all water is the same though. The molecular structure of water can be less or more organized and in the latter case one speaks of structured water. The more it is organized, the better all kind of enzymatic processes can do their job. These enzymatic processes, in their turn, are responsible and necessary for the digestion, absorption and transmutation of all nutrients.(10)
It is scientifically proven how water in biological systems becomes more organized. Water also becomes more organized through exposure to sunlight and through close contact with crystals. The body is both a receptor of sunlight and it contains a high amount of solid and liquid cristallinelike substances. Also body fluids themselves form fluid crystals.(11) Urine is thus a cristallinelike substance containing a high amount of structured water. This structured water, when taken in again, promotes better enzymatic functioning and it has a higher solubility for minerals. A higher amount of structured water in the body system is correlated with better health and more energy.(12)
The fact that urine is a liquid crystal substance, particularly because of the various salts in it, implies that it contains crystalline vibrations completely in tune with the vibrational condition of the body. Re ingestion might give the body valuable vibrational information needed for two things. Healthy vibrations will strengthen the already existing, healthy body resonance. 'Diseased' or stress vibrations will counteract any unhealthy resonance in the body. It is known that disturbing sounds of any sort can be counteracted best by confronting it with the same sounds.
The vibratory patterns of the body, both in the bones (solid crystals) and in the tissues and fluids (liquid crystals), play an important role in the process of transmutation. The resonance field of a crystal can make a protein, for example, change its form into one that is more useful for the body, or easier adaptable by it.(13)
Seeing urine as a liquid crystallinelike substance containing a high amount of structured water may help understanding its healing qualities on the more subtle levels.

This is just one little step in trying to explain the energetical effect of urine therapy on the human organism. This way of thinking should be considered as a kind of scientific, modern 'alchemy'. There is nothing wrong or scary about this terminology and the way of thinking that goes with it. It is nothing new and at the same time highly modern. It provides a chance to scientifically explain urine therapy in its fullest potential, while at the same time taking into account its rich, spiritually associated, history.
Urine therapy confronts us with a very concrete 'healer within' which works both on a mechanistic and on an energetic level. The latter implies that urine, as a holographic substance, can affect all levels of being, from the physical, through the electromagnetical fields of the emotions and the mind, up to the subtler genetic vibrational information of the soul. In this sense urine therapy can be verily seen as one of the divine manifestations of cosmic intelligence. Thus the ancient name Shivambu Kalpa, a name ánd a therapy to be treated with appropiate respect.

Jai Shivambu!


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