I love to design electrical / mechanical hardware system, develop new ideas, and apply them in real life!

My research interests lie in the design of miniaturized high performance power electronic system architectures, novel control methods, and numerous real-life applications in smart grid, renewable energy, electric / hybrid vehicle, transportation, medical devices, robotics, data centers, and telecommunication systems.

As a researcher at the MIT power electronics group, I worked on high power density, high frequency ac-dc power converter for LED drivers and battery charger applications. The power converter developed with a novel power factor correction control method operates at 10 to 100 times higher operating frequency than conventional designs. As a result, my design has five times smaller size than the conventional designs, and reduces volume and cost as well.

I received my PhD and MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT in 2016 and 2012 respectively, and BS in Electrical and Engineering from Seoul National University in 2010. 

Download my CV here for details about my education and research experiences.
If you have any questions or like to request more information, please contact me at sblim@mit.edu