Christopher Robert Saulnier

PhD Candidate, Product Design and Engineering Education
MIT-SUTD Collaboration Office
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

77 Mass. Ave, Building 3-339L, Cambridge, MA, 02139. 
saulnier at mit dot edu


Design Based Wilderness Education

From 2014 to 2017 I taught a wilderness engineering class as part of the MIT-SUTD Global Leadership Program. Over four years 120 students went on fourteen expeditions. Wilderness engineering allows students to authentically design and use artifacts engineered for and/or in a wilderness environment while developing design-thinking, an engineering science worldview, and leadership skill.

Designing products for this unfamiliar environment forces students to think about and engage with the design process in a new and exciting way. Feedback from the natural world allows students to interact with their products at an emotional level, helping establish a deeper connection to the design process.

Living and designing in the wilderness encourages students to interpret the natural world through a scientific lens, developing an engineering science worldview. The challenges faced by each team in this environment also creates opportunities for leadership development.

Side Projects

Adventure Education High School Physics Outreach

I teamed up with Outward Bound Thompson Island and the MIT Outing Club to develop a high school outreach program using low-rope and high-rope challenge course elements to discuss physics topics in a fun way. The project received funding from the National Forest Service and Outdoor Nation. The initial curriculum was prototyped with a group of Grade 9 students from the (Boston) Urban Science Academy. We presented results from this program at the 2017 Association of Experiential Education (AEE) Northeast Regional Conference.

Other Things

The Springtide Collective

I was a founding Board Member and former Corporate Secretary of the Springtide Collective for Democracy, a non-partisan and non-profit organization dedicated to reconnecting Nova Scotians with the democratic process, and imagining ways of doing politics differently. Projects to date include 10 videos explaining democracy in Canada, performing the first political surveys of young people in Nova Scotia, and OpenHouseNS a tool that makes the debates of the House of Assembly easier to search and browse.

Pundit on

After retiring from student government I started to write articles for Sometimes touching and mostly irreverent offers news, commentary, opinions, and rumours - but mostly entertainment - during the yearly elections for the Dalhousie Student Union executive.

The site has been defunct since late 2014.


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