Christopher Robert Saulnier

PhD Candidate, Adventure and Exploration
MIT Outing Club
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

77 Mass. Ave, Building 3-339L, Cambridge, MA, 02139. 
saulnier at mit dot edu


Depending on the season and the year I'm an avid climber, runner, backpacker, skier or mountaineer and you'll generally find me trying to be outside on weekends. Just as I try to challenge others as an instructor, I believe in challenging myself to push the limits of what I think I can accomplish. I also have an interest in experimenting with storytelling online. This page links to trip-reports and information that others may find helpful for planning their own adventures.

Climbers Superverse

On July 15-16, 2017, Nathaniel Chu and I completed a likely first "Climber's Superverse", a single-push link up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire that combined the classic hikes of a Presidential traverse and a Franconia traverse with the classic climbs of the Northeast Ridge of the Pinnacle on Washington and the Whitney-Gilman Ridge on Cannon. Stats: 12 pitches of rock, 35.3 miles of hiking, 15,780 ft of elevation gain, ~28 hours car to car, 1 bad idea, and 0 minutes of sleep. Nathaniel wrote a very entertaining trip report.

Crossing Iceland

A hike of 24 days and 665km from the Northernmost point of Iceland to the Southernmost. Moved an average of 30km / day. Impossible to describe and full of surprises (including a snowstorm on top of a volcano, sandstorm, earthquakes, volcanic eruption on our route, and a hurricane to end things off). I've created a google map of our route. More info to follow.

1-day (ultra) Pemi Loop

The story of a 1-day overnight aborted and subsequently restarted pemi-loop. All told in less than 18 hours I ran/hiked over 70 km with a vertical gain of 4050 meters. If you add in the dinner break I took between the two attempts, it was still all accomplished in less than 24 hours. Not bad for a day trip.


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