Christopher Robert Saulnier

PhD Candidate, Product Design and Engineering Education
MIT-SUTD Collaboration Office
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

77 Mass. Ave, Building 3-339L, Cambridge, MA, 02139. 
saulnier at mit dot edu

Chris Saulnier is a PhD Candidate at MIT developing, teaching, and researching innovative approaches to the product design process. He is particularly interested in human-centered product design experiences for undergraduate mechanical engineering students. He has a background in leadership development and experiential education, having worked as an Instructor with Outward Bound Canada, and brings that hands-on approach to his design education work. Originally trained as a computer engineer, Chris has a master's degree in technology and policy and now spends most of his time masquerading as a mechanical engineer. Chris has familiarity with a wide variety of fabrication technologies across scales from milling circuit boards to stitch-and-glue boat building.

Chris has extensive training in and experience performing quantitative and qualitative research. He has published peer-reviewed research using case study research methods, interviews (using grounded theory analysis and open-coding), pre- and post-testing (including survey design), field observations, categorization and analysis of student design artifacts, and quasi-experimental research design.

In his spare time Chris enjoys climbing, long distance hiking, and mountaineering. Chris serves on the Board of the MIT Outing Club and volunteers time with with Outward Bound Thompson Island to develop unique high-school science outreach programming.

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