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Hey, thanks for stopping by. I no longer work at MIT, and can be found these days mainly around Hanover, NH or around my favorite neighborhood in Boston on weekends.

I'm still working at various systems admin and small-ish IT project kinds of things, mainly with AIX and RHEL linux. I've had a long and interesting career so far, and am happy to have met so many wonderful, creative people over the years. Computer people are the artists of today. Artists are still the artists of today, too, of course.

Here's a link to my father's page at the NSA. The agency initials used to stand for "No Such Agency", but the story I heard is that they now stand for "Nothing's Sacred Anymore". It figures that Dad would finally get some recognition just as the agency gets a public black eye. Oh well.

Yes We Can 08 -- Contribute to Barack Obama
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Picture of Barack Obama, taken by my friend Jean. You can read about Obama and, if you want, make a contribution to his campaign at actblue.

Some favorite websites:
terrific news site, a news site
cursor.org , a news digest
Josh Marshall's sites , for news and discussion
nola.com , New Orleans online

My old homepage is still around, sort of.
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