The Epistemic Upshot of Adaptationist Explanation

I argue that knowledge of the adaptationist explanation of human cognition might either defeat, bolster, or preclude the epistemic justification of our current beliefs.

The Evolutionary Challenge and the Evolutionary Debunking of Morality

I argue that we do not know whether there is moral knowledge because we do not have the empirical evidence to know whether the means to acquire moral knowledge actually evolved.

Morality as Bullshit: An Evolutionary Perspective

Drawing from the human evolution literature, I argue that, contrary to the popular conception of their descent, human moral belief systems may ultimately be the result of ancient parental deception.

Does Truth Ground Knowledge? Three Counterexamples to Transitivity

I show how the transitivity of metaphysical grounding is in tension with the principle that truth grounds knowledge and argue that we should abandon the principle rather than deny transitivity.

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