We must return to our ancestral lands and live in the traditional manner.  
using local materials (garbage) we build the skin boat of our forefathers  

The world's fastest boat. (to build, that is)

 I made a big rough basket out of branches from a fallen spruce and tied a piece of nylon cloth over the top. Floated around in the pond. The little trout were curious and schooled around me.


Laura test-piloting at the highspeed boatbuilding demonstration. This coracle is made from the basket part of a papasan chair with an armysurplus poncho tied over it by the corners. Estimated construction time: One minute.  

    Marilyn and Jamie engaged in stability tests.
Note the model of a "tensegrity" skinboat in foreground.

"British Coracles and Irish Currachs" by James Hornell is an excellent book on the subject.

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