Quotes and Memorable Sayings from Real People

"...We had learned what attracts (evil spirits). In our case, it was our desire to get psychic powers, miracles, predictions, knowledge, and guidance. Conversely, the desire to give --- to serve rather than be served --- turns our spiritual direction upward...." --- Ben Swett

`Careful with the "chosen one" bit! That's a real standard ploy by folks who are trying to suck you in. Flattery --implying you're different from [better] than all the rest with a hidden sort of contract clause of "now you have to perform". With the ones who genuinely sound the highest and best, I have NEVER EVER heard that line. No "you were chosen", they don't even want you to call on them, they want you to call on God.' --- CSB

"If you question the truth of a message, does the messenger react with hatred and anger? I have discovered that some who claim to work for the Light react that way when I question the message. Does this sound like the Way to you?"

"Give joyfuly and freely and accept what is given joyfully and freely." --- A.S.
"We'll pull each other up. All my connections are no good if I don't have someone to share them with." --- A.S.
Ben: "How do I know I can believe you?"

Spirit: "Well asked! How do children know their fathers? By their love. So we do not demand your trust. We try to earn it, by our love."

And a quote I read in Stainton Moses' 1883 material, whose "ring" I liked:

Spirit: "... we tear the [dogmas] asunder, and bid the soul go free."