Tips for 2-Way Prayer (Part I)

Initial Preparation

Quick Intro

This section assumes that you are attempting to pray to God and receive an answer (yes, a form of "channeling" --- the most important form). Why these pages? Because I know from personal experience that errors made when channeling open people to deceivers --- less-than-holy spirits disguised as angels: wolves in sheeps' clothing. Sometimes, it can lead to contacting obviously hostile spirits! Beware! Learn how to control yourself to reduce the risk --- but remember, ultimately the responsibility is yours to filter what you receive, to choose to act on some material but not on others.

As a pre-requisite, you should read over Ben H. Swett's pages, A Small Explanation and Prayer as a Form of 2-Way Communication. This document assumes you are following those steps. If you think channeling is all fun and games, you should not be doing this; read over the rest of this site before you go any further. Deceivers are out there, and it is almost guaranteed you'll come into contact with them. Especially if you think there's no danger.

But if you are seeking the Kingdom of God, the path of caring, a communion with spirits who truly love God and who selflessly and joyfully choose to work for the sake of others, over and over again --- then you may well want to consider carefully the following ideas and suggestions. Accept what seems right to you.

Initial Preparation for 2-Way Prayer

In Ben's checklist of steps, this would be step number 0.5.

(Lastly: if you are too confused and unhappy to elevate, don't open yourself up to channeled messages. Do one-way prayer (normal prayer) instead, and stay closed. You might get a response anyway, which you should test to determine if it is of God. God has a way of answering prayers of any heart-felt variety, though not necessarily where, when, how we expect!)

OK, assuming you are ready to proceed, here follow the crucial steps: As outlined in Ben H. Swett's material (refer to those documents): Stop and seek calm and peace. Open the heart. Elevate the spirit and seek reverent joy -- the loving, wondrous appreciation of God....

Suggestions for How to Elevate

This step (elevation) is absolutely and positively crucial! Never, in 2-way prayer, attempt to channel without doing this --- not elevating one's spirit is like seeking to communicate with non-holy spirits (which is useful in the rescue of lost spirits, but one does not seek wisdom from a lost spirit!). Read Ben's material for some good references to cultivating a sense of awe and love of God. Also, check out the Self-Help guide's elevation section.

Next step ... measurement of your elevation (Part II)

I include this step as a necessary step for those new to elevation of spirit. In Ben's list of steps, it would fall in as step 3.5 and 4.5. It is a way of measuring just where on the spectrum of the spiritual world you are currently in --- and which section you'll thus be tuning in to. If you are not as elevated as you think you are, you may well be tuning into a spectrum of well-meaning but foolish deceivers, or worse. If you feel considerably elevated, odds are better that you'll be tuning into God's broadcasting frequencies.