Faith. All of Christianity seems to revolve around this thing called "faith." To many of us who have a scientific mindset, this is about the most nonsensical, ridiculous, illogical approach to living... ever! Faith would seem to be the excuse of fanatics that could lead to such silliness as denying evolution and embracing Flying Spaghetti Monsters. Confidence in the invisible. Belief in the unprovable. Unscientific. Unlikely. Illogical.

But wait... what is belief? Isn't belief that powerful, incredible power that has enabled people to do things like ... overcome poverty and expectation to get accepted into top colleges ... build up a company despite all odds and all nay-sayers ... build an architectural masterpiece that skeptics claimed would never work and never inspire...? If every impoverished William Kamkwamba or Dawn Loggins, despised Maya Lin, marginalized Marie Curie, abused Maya Angelou, victimized Mukhtar Mai, or even frustrated patent clerk Albert Einstein were to have gone with the "reality" of poor conditions, societal resistance, poverty, or sheer trauma, then where would they (or us) be now? So belief is, in its own way, a powerful force. Without it, some of the world's brightest minds would never have made it past the first gates of Hell.

What is faith, but the ability to visualize something that doesn't yet exist... on Earth?

If belief or confidence, or a vision of better things, can bring forth transformation, then why do we scoff at others' faith in a God of multiverses, alephs beyond count, consciousness, song, art, and even science? (Which is what God would have to be, if God created all good things.) If that is God, and - just suppose - God really is love and kindness, goodness, and all that, then what would faith in THAT God accomplish?

Then, if God is an Intelligence beyond space-time, beyond those multiverses, the inventor of alephs, the quark, meiosis and mitosis, compassion to the point of laying down one's life for another ... then what might that God had in mind for Earth - if only we had the faith to carry it through?