Zone of Confusion

I've never understood how some people can just plain believe something and never doubt it. For example, some people believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible. How do they know the Bible is the truth? "It says so." Yeah, so? So does the Koran, and they differ on certain key points, and each says "Believe this!" The Hindu Krishna stories are supposedly very similar to stories in the New Testament, and yet they differ in their message --- and of course the Hindu religion wants you to believe it, too. Buddhism teaches self-reliance and self-discipline (and compassion), and does not say a thing about God. Most tribal religions have their own version of the creation myth, and the Old Testament's creation myth sounds suspiciously similar to an older Sumerian myth --- as does the Noah's ark story. Pagans believe in no one God.

So, does God exist? Some say yes; some say gods exist; some say only the self is reliable.

So, was Jesus (Y'shua) the Son of God? Some people say yes, some say he was just a prophet, some say he was a good teacher, some say he didn't exist.

So, what happens to non-Christians or non-Buddhists or non-Jews or non-Muslims...? Some say they go to Hell; some say they're granted special permission to go to Heaven; some say they reincarnate; some say everyone simply dies and that's that. Some say any religion that dooms someone to Hell just because he was of the wrong religion is not the right religion. Some say it is.

So, is there such a thing as reincarnation? Some Christians say no (and that reincarnation is a demonic hoax); many other religions say yes. (By the way, there are little hints in the Bible that point to an ancient Jewish belief in reincarnation, and also to its existence).

So, do animals have souls? Many people who have had psychic experiences say yes; many conservative Christians say no. Eastern religions say that humans may reincarnate as animals.

So, what must I do to be saved/go to Heaven/go to Nirvana? Some say one must have faith in Jesus. Some say one must be baptized in water, too. Some say one must love God and one's neighbor. Some say anyone can go to Heaven, but many choose not to because they don't let us be selfish there. Some say Enlightenment is the answer, and that's achieved by meditation and diligence and compassion. Some say there is no such thing.

So, who are we? Some say we are clay creations. Some say we are ape-descendants. Some say we are fallen souls, living within the bodies of ape-descendants. Some say we are descended souls. Some say nothing.

So, is any of the stuff in these pages true? I don't know. I actually hope that a lot of it is true. I hope that compassion and caring are trademarks of some greater being, and that the story will have a happy ending. But I don't know that for sure. I can't prove it. This could all be an elaborate, giant hoax by an evil entity --- which is possible, given my experiences with deceiving spirits. On the other hand, there is caring and joy in the world, and one must ask, Where does that come from? And so I hope....

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