Transforming Negative Energy

Part 1
by Betty J. Eadie

Betty J. Eadie is the best-selling author of Embraced by the Light, her powerful account of her Near-Death Experience and meeting with Jesus. (You can also read more about God and spirituality at her website,

On a message board, when asked for advice for a person who encountered a negative energy, she described using sage/scent, candles, and music to help dispel the negativity. From there, she went on to write this fascinating lesson, which she has graciously given me permission to repost here:

Give negative energy a job instead of just asking it to leave; to go where? You are a creator. Use your innate powers to overcome all obstacles. But do not second guess God or your worthiness to make commands. If it is God's will, it will be done.

...It also works well with energy that we often hold on to that is no longer appropriate or useful to us, such as anger, pain, guilt, grief and so forth. If it won't leave, put it to work by giving it a productive job!

Every emotion, therefore, experience, has scent, and vibration which produces tone. However, we can change these; we can "tweak" the matrix so to speak, and create for ourselves the environment we choose by selecting a desired fragrance, tone and attitude to replace the undesired. However, these "touchstones" are only as good as one's faith in them, and that happens through practice. In time as one grows in spirit with God, little more will be needed but the desire and imagination to create a different reality. In the meanwhile, we use what God has blessed us to use to grow proficient in every way.

I forwarded along Betty's words to a person (I'll call her "Linda") who was suffering from negative energy problems.

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