General Information

Constitution of Switzerland
English full-text version of the Swiss constitution provided by the University of W|rzburg, Germany. For original versions (per 18 April 1999) in German, French and Italian, see
Bundesverfassung der Schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft.

Switzerland in Sight
Provides a variety of information on the Swiss economy, politics, society, culture and geography. The site was commissioned by Presence Switzerland, the federal PR agency for the promotion of Switzerland abroad, and is produced by Swiss Radio International.

Switzerland at a Glance
General introduction to Switzerland and its political, economic, social and educational system. Information provided by the Embassy of Switzerland in the United States. The service also includes a section on
Legal Affairs.

Information about Switzerland
Another good introduction to the country, offered by Reto Amb|hler of the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. Provides information down to the cantonal level.

Living in Switzerland
Information provided by the American Embassy in Switzerland, dated January 1996. For details on work permits, see
Visa Desk by the Swiss Embassy in Washington D.C.

Swiss Political Links
A well selected and up-to-date directory of Swiss political links provided by Hans Geser and Markus Roth of the Institute of Sociology at the University of Zurich.

Swiss Weather
Check out NZZ Online's weather service for up-to-date forecasts. The pages are in German, but you should get the point by looking at the satellite pictures.


Swiss Federal Authorities
Official website of the Swiss government. Provides basic information on Switzerland and its political system. Links to the homepages of the seven departments (ministries) are also included. Much more information is available in one of the national languages (German, French, Italian).

Federal Assembly (Parliament)
Provides information on the workings of the Swiss parliament, its political composition, its members, offices, committees and delegations, etc. Includes information on national elections and plebiscites, press releases, a page with links to the major political parties, and much more. Available in German, French, Italian and (some parts) English.

Swiss Federal Supreme Court
Introduction to the Swiss Federal Supreme Court. Also available: Access to all decision of the Supreme Court and of the Federal Insurance Court from 1975 to 1997 (German, French and Italian).
Large collection with links to websites of public administration and services at the federal, cantonal and communal level. Service maintained by Christine Poupa of the Institut de hautes itudes en administration publique.

Business and Economy

Swiss Federal Statistical Office
Lots of statistical information on the country and the individual cantons. Detailed information can be found under
Specialized Fields. Includes up-to-date press releases. Available in German, French, Italian and English.

Swiss National Bank
Includes press releases, information on the bank's monetary policy, and very little statistical information; available in English, German and French.

Swiss Exchange
Official homepage of the Swiss Stock Exchange. For quotes of 17 major markets as well as global indices and exchange rates, please refer to NZZ Online's own
quote service.

Federal Commercial Registry
The registry presently contains some 320,000 active and cancelled Swiss business names and names of associations and foundations. In addition, approx. 40,000 branch offices of Swiss and foreign companies are included.

Website run by the Federal Office for Economic Development and Labor, providing information for companies and persons wishing to set up business activities in Switzerland. Available in German, French and English.

Osec Business Network Switzerland
Website of the official trade promotion organization of Switzerland. Includes a Swiss Export Directory which can be searched by company name, product or trademark.

Travel and Tourism

Switzerland Tourism
Switzerland Tourism is the official national marketing organization for the destination Switzerland providing information, offers, packages and reservation opportunities. Under
Swiss Tourism Regions and Resorts you will find an overview of each major region with a short description and a link to the official corresponding website.

Swiss Federal Railways
Includes timetable information and ticket ordering service.

Finaroute routeplanner
Interactively plan your road trip through Switzerland.

Higher Education

General Information for Foreign Students
Information on higher education in Switzerland covering topics such as "Admission requirements," "How to proceed when wishing to study in Switzerland," "Immigration formalities" and more. Provided by Rectors' Conference of the Swiss Universities.

Universities and Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology
University of Basel
University of Bern
University of Fribourg
University of Geneva
University of Lausanne
University of Lugano
University of Neuchbtel
University of St. Gallen
University of Zurich
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne

Swiss Libraries
List of Swiss libraries and catalogues provided by SWITCH, the Swiss Academic & Research Network, with information on access methods.

News Media

Neue Z|rcher Zeitung (NZZ)
The leading Swiss newspaper with an international reputation; parent company of the website you're currently on. Publishes the entire paper online. Also includes collections of articles on specific topics, a stock quote service, weather information and much more (German with some parts in English).

The other major daily (from the Zurich region); available full-text (German).

German-language weekly.

News magazine providing major stories in full-text. German language only.

Swiss business weekly. Provides quotes for investment funds. German language only.

Swiss business monthly; includes major articles as well as some of their "lists" (i.e. top 100 Swiss companies, 200 wealthiest Swiss, etc.); available in German only.

Le Temps
One of the major dailies of Switzerland's French-speaking region.

Edicom (Edipresse)
Homepage of the major Swiss French-language publisher; includes articles from Edicom itself as well as from the Tribune de Genhve, Le Matin, 24 heures and editorials from other products of the same publisher.

French-language weekly news magazine. Be sure to check out their main site,

Corriere del Ticino
Website of the major newspaper from Switzerland's Italian-speaking region.

Swissinfo / Swiss Radio International
Swissinfo is the international section of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation. Its task is to strengthen links between Swiss citizens abroad and their homeland as well as to contribute to international understanding and reflect Swiss reality in the world. NZZ Online offers you access to parts of their
international reporting as well as to their news about Switzerland.

Schweizer Radio DRS
Information (in German) on the German-language service of Swiss Public Radio; includes program listings, some files (e.g. news) in RealAudio, etc.

Radio Suisse Romande (RSR)
Website of the French-language service of Swiss Public Radio; provides quite a large selection of RealAudio files.

Radio Svizzera di Lingua Italiana (RSI)
Homepage of the Italian-language service of Swiss Public Radio; not too much information available yet.

Website of the German-language channels of Swiss national television. Provides program listings, RealVideo clips and more (German only).

Television Suisse Romande
Homepage of Swiss national television's French-language channels.
List containing lots of websites of Swiss newspapers.