Xuntuo Wang


As an enthusiastic entrepreneur, I co-founded a start-up team in January 2013 with a name of CZAR-POWER. CZAR-POWER is a MIT-Tsinghua technology start-up, specializing in supplying the most energy-efficient, cost-effective, and multi-functional Electrical Vehicles' DC fast chargers. Serving as President, I have led my team into many professional business competitions as well as business developments. We were on the finalist of Future Energy Ultralight startups and MIT-CHIEF; track top 3 of MIT100K, semifinalist of MIT Clean Energy Prie, Cleantech Open, and Zhongguancun-Silicon Valley. On the business development side, we are currently working on the full collaboration with State of Washington, USA to commercialize the first ressidential DC charging system. Our demo video for MIT 100K can be viewed here on youtube.