Guest Appearances

Stan Ridgway: Mosquitos
Geffen 2-24216, 1989

Track list:

  1. Dogs
  2. Peg and Pete and Me
  3. The Last Honest Man

Tori sings backing vocals on listed tracks.
Al Stewart: Last Days of the Century
Enigma 73316 CD, 1988

backing vocals
Sandra Bernhard: Without You I Am Nothing
Enigma 73369 CD, 1989

backing vocals
Ferron: Phantom Center
Capital 74830, 1990

backing vocals
original motion picture soundtrack album
Geffen GEFD-24505, 1992

Track list:

  1. The Happy Worker
  2. Workers

Tori sings vocals on the listed tracks.
Ruby Trax
Forty Records NME40CD, 1992

Track list:

  1. Ring My Bell (Knight)

Kevin and Bean: We've Got Your Yule Logs Hangin'
KROQCS-4 (KROQ radio charity casette)

Track list:

  1. Little Drummer Boy

Tori performs the listed tracks.
Speaking of Christmas and Other Things
(KZON radio charity cassette)

Track list:

  1. Sarah Sylvia Cynthia Stout Would Not Take The Garbage Out (Shel Silverstein)

Tori reads the listed tracks.
Check It Out
CD compilation

This is a cd only item, ( I think?). On this cd Tori performs "Crucify" 4:08 min. This is a studio recording, track #11.
Great Movement
CD compilation
WWM 8804-2

This I believe is another cd only release which was used as a give away by certain clothing retailers. This also contains "Crucify", Track #3.
Spew 5
CD compilation

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