(documentation for version 940825.3)
note: this document automatically extracted from the source itself.

 I wrote this because people ask for something like this all the time.
 I just learned the format of GIFs a week ago, so this will likely be
 lacking in many respects.

      transgif [options] regular.gif > transparent.gif
      cat regular.gif | transgif [options] transparent.gif

 The default is that whatever color happens to fall into the first colormap
 slot (often black) will be made transparent. This can be changed via the
 the options.

 The options are from:
   -p              print the colormap (to STDERR).
                   The new gif still goes to STDOUT.

   -###            make colormap index-### transparent (default is -0)

   -rgb ## ## ##   Take the three numbers as R G B values (in the range
                   of 0..255 (or 0x00..0xff). The first colormap entry
                   with those RGB values is made transparent.

   -rgb name       Use the R G B values of the color 'name' if known
                   by this program (data from X11's rgb.txt)

 COLORNUM is the index of the color entry to make transparent, and 
 defaults to zero. For those that like the looks of it, you can put
 a leading '-'.

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