Recent news
November 2018 Started new position at Amazon Prime Air in Seattle, WA.
October 2018 Attended the Royal Aeronautial Society's 6th Aircraft Structural Design Conference in Bristol, UK.
August 2018 Handed in PhD thesis, titled Transonic Flutter Prediction and Aeroelastic Tailoring for Next-Generation Transport Aircraft.
Defended PhD thesis on August 17th.
June 2018 Attended the AIAA Aviation Forum in Atlanta, GA.
The paper Aerodynamic Design of the Hyperloop Concept is accepted into AIAA Journal.
February - May 2018 Visited SUTD in Singapore to continue research on additive manufacturing.
January 2018 Attended the AIAA SciTech Forum in Kissimmee, FL.
November 2017 The paper Physics-Based Low-Order Model for Transonic Flutter Prediction is accepted into AIAA Journal.
Won Best Paper in the 8th AIAA Theoretical Fluid Mechanics at AIAA Aviation 2017 with the paper Towards a Low-Order Model for Transonic Flutter Prediction.
August 2017 MIT Hyperloop project completely wrapped up. Read the final report here.

Project Highlights

Transonic Flutter Prediction

Transonic flutter is a critical design constraint for commercial transport aircraft, and therefore needs to be included as early as possible in the design. Developed a transonic flutter model that is accurate and cheap enough to be used in a conceptual aircraft design tool.

Design Methodology for 3D Printing

How do you design something if you have all the freedom in the world? Developed a design methodology for additive manufacturing based on lattice structures, while taking into account manufacturability with 3D printing.

Aeroelastic Tailoring of Lattice Structures

Developed a design methodology to more efficiently tailoring the aeroelastic behavior of a wing using additively manufactured lattice structures. Using this method, flutter speeds can be increased substantially with only a minimum increase in wing mass.

MIT Hyperloop

Co-founded and led MIT's entry in the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition 2015 - 2017. The team won Design Weekend in 2016, and finished amongst the top three teams in Competition Weekend in 2017.