Internet Growth: Raw Data

The following data is from Network Wizards. The columns in the following chart are:
This is the number of machine addresses on the net as reported by the nameservers. Many of these addresses may not have a machine which responds to them. See the "Replied to Ping" column.
These are domains such as "" or "". Each domain is usually associated with some organization, be it a university, company or other group.
Replied to Ping
This is an estimated number of machines that are actually connected to the net and responding. This estimate was made by pinging 1% of the hosts and counting repsonses. 'Ping' is a tool to determine if a machine is up.
The raw data from Network Wizards follows:
DateHostsDomainsReplied to Ping
Jan 969.5 million240,0001.7 million
Jul 956.6 million120,0001.1 million
Jan 954.9 million71,0001.0 million
Oct 943.9 million56,0001.0 million
Jul 943.2 million46,0000.7 million
Jan 942.2 million30,0000.6 million
Oct 932.1 million28,000NA
Jul 931.8 million26,0000.5 million
Apr 931.5 million22,0000.4 million
Jan 931.3 million21,000NA

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