Baker Purity Test

Female Test

Score one point for each question answered ``no''. Total is percent purity.

Have you ever...

  1. Menstruated? (If the answer to this one is no, try taking the men's test)
  2. Used a tampon?
  3. Had a clitoral erection?
  4. Had a date with a (real live) man?
  5. Kissed a man?
  6. Had a date past 4:00am?
  7. Had a date Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the same weekend?
  8. Kissed a man in the last three months?
  9. Kissed a man while you were in a horizontal position?
  10. Kissed a man on the first date?
  11. French kissed a man?
  12. Ear frenched a (or by a) man?
  13. Danced with a man?
  14. Danced cheek to cheek with a man?
  15. Necked continuously for more than fifteen minutes?
  16. Necked continuously for more than two hours?
  17. Lied to break a date?
  18. Gone steady?
  19. Petted below the shoulders?
  20. Gone swimming with a man in the nude?
  21. Bathed or showered with a man?
  22. Had your covered breast fondled by a man?
  23. Had a man fondle your bare breast?
  24. Had a man remove your brassiere?
  25. Done no. 23 in the last three months?
  26. Worn falsies?
  27. Had your bare breast fondled by a man who picked you up?
  28. Had your nipple sucked by a man subsequent to his weaning?
  29. Done no. 28 in the last three months?
  30. Had a man's hand under your skirt?
  31. Had your vagina fondled by a man?
  32. Had a man fondle your vagina on the first date?
  33. Had your vagina fondled in the last three months?
  34. Been in bed since age 13 with a man not more than two years older than yourself?
  35. Gone through the motions of sexual intercourse while completely dressed?
  36. Seen a completely nude man?
  37. Been seen completely nude by a man?
  38. Been completely undressed by a man?
  39. Told a man you loved him when you didn't?
  40. Had two dates on the same night with two different men?
  41. Gone steady with two men at the same time?
  42. Told or listened to dirty jokes in mixed company?
  43. Read pornographic literature?
  44. Seen a pornographic movie?
  45. Seen a burlesque show?
  46. Masturbated?
  47. Discussed masturbation with a man?
  48. Masturbated in the last three months?
  49. Masturbated with foreign objects (e.g. Coke bottle, cylindrical slide rule, etc.)?
  50. Masturbated while menstruating?
  51. Reached a sexual climax?
  52. Smoked a cigarette, cigar, pipe, or used chewing tobacco?
  53. Been arrested?
  54. Had an alcoholic drink?
  55. Barfed due to excessive drinking?
  56. Passed out due to excessive consumption of alcohol?
  57. Used narcotics?
  58. Been propositioned by a lesbian or propositioned another woman?
  59. Had a homosexual experience with another woman?
  60. Had your bare genitals fondled by another woman?
  61. Been the victim of (attempted) rape?
  62. Been engaged?
  63. Committed zooerastia (bestiality)?
  64. Unbuckled a man's belt or unzipped a man's fly?
  65. Undressed a man completely?
  66. Fondled a man's bare genitals?
  67. Sucked a penis (a man's)?
  68. Participated in cunnilingus with a man?
  69. ?
  70. Had sexual intercourse?
  71. Done no. 70 in the last three months?
  72. Done no. 70 without [the man using] a condom?
  73. Done no. 70 with a virgin (him, not you)?
  74. Done no. 70 during menstruation (yours)?
  75. Done no. 70 in a bed?
  76. Done no. 70 in a car?
  77. Done no. 70 in a dorm or frat?
  78. Done no. 70 dog fashion (from rear)?
  79. Done no. 70 Greek fashion (anal intercourse)?
  80. Done no. 70 sitting up?
  81. Done no. 70 on the first date?
  82. Done no. 70 with a man of a different race?
  83. Done no. 70 with more than one man?
  84. Done no. 70 with more than five men?
  85. Done no. 70 with more than ten men?
  86. Done no. 70 with more than one man on the same night?
  87. Done no. 70 more than three times on the same night?
  88. Done no. 70 more than ten times with one particular man (or one that is not so particular)?
  89. Taken money for sexual intercourse?
  90. Been ``employed'' in a house of ill repute?
  91. Been watched during sexual intercourse by an impartial obserber?
  92. Had a venereal disease?
  93. Become pregnant?
  94. Had an abortion?
  95. Had an illegitimate child?
  96. Participated in a gang bang?
  97. Committed statutory rape (oh yes, you can)?
  98. Committed adultery?
  99. Committed incest?
  100. Committed a felony other than the ones above?