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My World Wide Web Pages were black for 48 hours to protest second-class treatment from the US Government for free speech. You can still read about it at this WWW page.

News flash! I'm now married! Maya Corbin is my wife, the wedding was September 22, 2001, the place is the Presbyterian Church of Burlington, MA, and lots more inforation is available at

Well, I haven't really worked on this thing in ages, and it's been terrible. I finally got bored enough to fix this, at least partly. And again, in April 2003 (previous was August 1997 - oops!). Here's some pointers to things that I am interested in:


I sing off and on at MASSFILC meetings and other conventions where filk is available.


I was active in the life and work of Burlington Presbyterian Church. I am an inactive Elder and Deacon, and also rang with the church's handbell choir.

Leadership, Friendship, and Service

I'm a brother of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity. John Kohl has a wonderful set of information about APO here. I am not a sectional chairman, but I do work with the Zeta Upsilon chapter at Boston University.

What I did on my summer vacation

The choir from my old church went on a mission trip to Russia the summer of 1995. I typed the planned itinerary in so you can see something about what we did. I am slowly adding more of my thoughts and maybe some pictures up eventually.

Random stuff

There is an enormous amount of stuff out there on the net. Here's a selection of some of the things that have found their way into my hotlist and bookmark files. Here is a beginner's guide to HTML. The Online Book Initiative has lots and lots of text, which I may move into my database thing sometime. At some point, I'll probably need to deal with the CGI (which is a way to extend WWW servers.

I surf the Web a fair amount, and people have said that they wanted access to the contents of my hotlist, so there you go, folks. (Eventually, I'll sort it, and otherwise generally clean it up, but not now.)

And, for a little more randomness, here's a picture
of me here's
another picture of me

Check out the discount electronic supermarket. htmlchek HTML syntax and cross-reference checker version 4.0, January 17 1995

I just discovered the U. S. Census Bureau's TIGER Mapping Service and have used it to make up a map showing my home and work.