Modifying .Xdefaults to get the scroll wheel to work with IDL X11 widgets

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Add this to your "~/.Xdefaults" file:

*XmList.baseTranslations:       #augment Shift: ListNextItem()\n\
        Shift: ListPrevItem()\n\
        : ListNextPage()\n\
        : ListPrevPage()\n

*XmScrollBar.baseTranslations:  #augment : IncrementUpOrLeft(0) IncrementUpOrLeft(1)\n\
        : IncrementDownOrRight(0) IncrementDownOrRight(1)\n

*XmText.baseTranslations:       #augment Shift: page-left()\n\
        Shift: page-right()\n\
        : scroll-one-line-up()\n\
        : scroll-one-line-down()\n 

X11 must then be restarted before the scroll wheel will actually start working.

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