Leah Bateman

I grew up in Alabama, but that's okay, because I went to MIT to do my Bachelor's. But I have an insane desire to be different, so I majored in Humanities ( Expository Writing, to be precise); my thesis was an Assassin Game. I am extremely cosmopolitan; in addition to being a waitress, glorified secretary, and X-ray astrophysics research assistant in the US, I have been a telecommunications specialist in Japan, a beach bum in Thailand, and a technical writer in Cambridge, England. At the moment, I live and work in Cambridge, Mass, where I'm studying linguistics in my spare time and trying to decide what to do with my life.

I am fluent in Japanese and American, and I am learning Chinese, Thai, and British English. I've also studied French, Latin, German, Spanish, Thai, Welsh, and Esperanto, but don't ask me to speak any! Languages on the To-Learn list include, in no particular order: Sanskrit, Pali, Khmer, Vietnamese, Indonesian/Malaysian, and possibly Urdu and Mongolian. One of these years I'll probably go back to school for a degree in Linguistics or South-east Asian Studies.

Many of my friends are computer or math geeks; I have a number of real people as friends, but I aspire to be a geek myself. In fact, I've convinced one of my friends at Cambridge University to teach me all the math(s) I should've learned in college, but didn't. Once I've mastered the mysteries of calculus, I'll move on to computer science. I don't think Dilbert is sexy at all, but anyone who can talk intelligently about UNIX gets me hot and bothered.

In the rare times when I'm not working, learning yet another language, or being a geek with my friends, I'm probably reading. Barring that, I might be acting, sewing, pretending to be someone else at an SCA event, or learning how to tool leather. When I was in Japan, I studied the Sogetsu style of ikebana (flower arrangement), and I've also dabbled in Japanese martial arts. Some other hobbies that have temporarily fallen by the wayside are ballet and other styles of dance, crocheting, cross-stitching, and playing Assassin Games. Hobbies that might be taken up in future include home-brewing, wine-tasting, and cooking.

My eclecticism is exceeded only by my ambition, and I aim to travel around the world on my bike before I marry a rich Englishman.