Laura's Home Page

Hello, and welcome to my home page. I'll update it one of these years.


Exciting activities, past and present:


I'm no longer trying to keep an up-to-date list of friends, but I do have some. They include a bunch of ET people, and Alea, EK, Erik, Erin, that Jeff guy, Katy, and probably some people whose names start later in the alphabet.


My major at MIT was 6-3, Computer Science. My thesis work was part of the IOA project of the Theory of Distributed Systems group at LCS. I was also almost a linguistics minor. You can see which classes I took; that's a popular home page pastime.

I'm originally from Birmingham, Alabama. In summers I used to go to a program called TIP. I was a TA for a CS class there in July 1999 and 2000 as well. There's also a less official TIP page and a TIP Alumni page.

Other Links

For my convenience, a link to the NCSA Beginner's Guide to HTML, and one to google. And OCaml (and the associated O'Reilly book, in English).