The People's Choice Cuts: SHAM's Haiku


Millions starve in Chad.
U.S. sends massive SPAM aid.
Millions starve in Chad.


A half-eaten slice.
Ants swarm the cold, greasy plate.
A suicide note.


CNN: Canned News
Network. Spamming the globe with
Processed, packaged news.


The ceiling fan turns.
The loaf sweats ominously.
Time is running out.


June Cleaver, flummoxed,
Burns the SPAM roast. Wally says,
"Leave it to Beaver."

SPAM and Pam in pan:
"Meat" frying in "cooking oil."
Metaphor for sex.


I sent her ninety
SPAM haiku to show my love.
She sent me a shrink.

If you cut open
A SPAM can with a jigsaw
The blade will smell weird.

Post-SPAM catharsis:
Peptic acid and pink chunks.
Floor-mount Pollock piece.


Tropical SPAM night.
Suckling loaf roasting on spit,
Fake palm trees askew.

A prostitute leans
From a rust-stained balcony
Spooning from a can.


Childhood railroad game:
Place unopened can on rail.
"POP" goes the pork parts.

What's really in SPAM?
Biologists say it's a
Can of nematodes.

Gregor Spamsa woke.
In horror he sees that he's
Now a pink pork cube.

Night kitchen cupboard.
Roach scuttles around SPAM can.
Cutting steak in dream.


Winter trailer home:
Bills unpaid--no heat inside.
Raw SPAM for dinner.


At the smell of SPAM,
Even bawds of euphony
Would cry out sharply.

Next-door barbecue.
Smell of T-bones waft over.
Eat SPAM with closed eyes.

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