Oral talks

“Perpendicular momentum injection by LH wave in a tokamak” RF SCIDAC workshop, TechX, Boulder,CO (09/2012)

“Gyrokinetic model for intrinsic rotation in tokamaks” Gyrokinetic theory workgin group meeting, CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain (06/2012)

“Intrinsic rotation generation in tokamaks” Fusion theory working group, Wolfgang Pauli Institute, Vienna, Austria (03/2012)

“Evaluation of the torque by lower hybrid wave inducing ion rotation in a tokamak” Annual meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics, Salt Lake City, UT (11/2011)

“Evaluation of the torque and neoclassical radial pinches induced by LH waves” RF SCIDAC workshop, MIT, Cambridge, MA (09/2011)

“Theoretical studies of toroidal rotation induced by lower hybrid wave” RF SCIDAC workshop, PPPL, Princeton, NJ (09/2010)

“A new TORIC parallel solver", “TORIC-LH 3D superposition" and “Velocity Diffusion Coefficients by 1-D single particle nonlinear analysis" RF SCIDAC workshop, ORNL, Oak Ridge, TN (09/2009)


”Theoretical study on ion rotation by lower hybrid wave in a tokamak" J. P. Lee, F.I. Parra, M. Barnes, D.Ernst, P.J. Catto, J.C. Wright, P.T. Bonoli, R.R. Parker, Y.Podpaly, PhD Expo, MIT (2012)

”Investigation of ion toroidal rotation induced by Lower hybrid waves in Alcator C-Mod using integrated numerical codes” J. P. Lee, J. C. Wright, P. B. Bonoli, R. R. Parker, P. J. Catto, Y. Podapaly, J. Rice and et. al. 52nd Annual meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics 55 TP9.00078 (2010)

”Investigation of velocity diffusion in the presence of a broadband lower hybrid wave spectrum” J. P. Lee, P. B. Bonoli and J. C. Wright, 51st Annual meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics 54 PP8.004 (2009)