Selected for IAEA Nuclear Fusion 2014 Highlight paper 09/2015

His paper of "Turbulent momentum pinch of diamagnetic flows in a tokamak" publised in a journal "IAEA Nuclear Fusion" has been selected for inclusion in the exclusive Nuclear Fusion 2014 Highlights collection. This paper has been chosen for its outstanding quality and valuable contribution to the fusion research community.

Came back to MIT 06/01/2015

After spending two years as a Post doctoral associate at NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, he came back to MIT PSFC and continued his research as a research scientist.

Obtained Ph.D degree 05/31/2013

Jungpyo Lee obtained Ph.D degree from MIT

New website opened 09/01/2012

New website to introduce works by Jungpyo Lee opens. It includes a list of his publications, presentations and projects. There may be several incomplete pages to be updated soon. If you have any suggestions or requests for the webpage, please contatct

Blogs in 2001-2012

There are blogs of Jungpyo Lee on facebook and cyworld. They include more photos, his ideas, and history. You can take a tour of the blogs. You are more than welcome.