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This is a list of articles and press releases which mention the results of my research, or in which I have been cited as the result of an interview.

Articles and Interviews

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Impact of airport infrastructure and security taxes on airline fares. (2004, Winter). Collegiate Aviation News, p. 13.

Press Releases

Air carrier infrastructure and security costs second to only fuel and labor. (2008, January 17). Nashua, NH: Daniel Webster College.

It's a taxing time for air travelers, researchers discover. (2005, March 11). Cambridge, MA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. [Also available on EurekAlert.]

Airplane ticket taxes lower than airlines claim, study says. (2004, June 18). Cambridge, MA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. [Also available on EurekAlert.]

Daniel Webster College and MIT release pioneering study of airline ticket taxes. (2004, June 10). Nashua, NH: Daniel Webster College.