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Air Traffic Control
ATC Live: Philadelphia International Airport (with video) (includes BOS, CLE, JFK, LGA, etc. – with archives)


Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
FAA Funding Debate
Airlines for America
A4A Economics and Analysis
A4A Taxes and Fees
Airlines Reporting Corporation
ARC Industry Agents' Handbook


Airport Cooperative Research Program

Airport Master Records
American Association of Airport Executives
AAAE Body of Knowledge
Association of European Airlines



Airport Technology Group

Bureau of Transportation Statistics
BTS Airline Data and Statistics
BTS Airline On-Time Statistics and Delay Causes

BTS Data Library: Aviation

BTS Performance Measures in the Airline Industry


Eurocontrol Aircraft Noise and Performance (ANP) database

Eurocontrol Experimental Centre

European Union
Air Transport Portal of the European Commission
Air Service Agreements between Member States and Third Countries

Galileo European Satellite Navigation System

Summaries of Legislation: Air Transport

Federal Aviation Administration
FAA Acronyms
FAA Advisory Circulars
FAA Administrator's Fact Book

FAA Air Traffic Control System Command Center

Traffic Management for Pilots

FAA Airport and Airway Trust Fund

FAA Airport Capacity Benchmark Report (also has 98-03 ACE publications)

FAA Airport Data and Contact Information

FAA Airport Design Software
FAA Airport Diagrams

FAA Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) System

FAA Flight Standards Service

FAA Lessons Learned from Transport Airplane Accidents

FAA National Airspace System Enterprise Architecture Portal
FAA National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems

FAA NextGen Financing Reform Act of 2007 (Reauthorization)

FAA Office of the Chief Counsel

International Affairs and Legal Policy Staff

FAA Operations and Performance Data

Air Traffic Activity Data System (ATADS)

Air Traffic Control (ATC) Daily Reports

Airline Service Quality Performance System (ASQP)

Aviation System Performance Metrics (ASPM) - Complete

Aviation System Performance Metrics (ASPM) - Lite

Enhanced Traffic Management System Counts (ETMSC)

Flight Schedule Data System (FSDS)

Operations Network (OPSNET)

Terminal Area Forecast (TAF)

FAA Order 7110.65 Air Traffic Control

Appendix A: Aircraft Information

FAA Passenger Facility Charges

FAA PilotWeb

FAA Rulemaking

Federal Aviation Regulations
FAR Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM)

FAR Part 77: Airport Imaginary Surfaces (WSDOT Video)

Federal Register
George Mason University

Center for Air Transportation Systems Research

Integrated Noise Model
International Air Transport Association
IATA Agenda for Freedom

IATA Economics

International Civil Aviation Organization

ICAO North Atlantic Economic and Financial Group

Joint Planning & Development Office
Logan International Airport Monitor
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Airline Data Project
Airline Ticket Tax Project
Airport Systems Planning, Design, and Management
Center for Transportation & Logistics
Digital Repository
Global Airline Industry Program

International Center for Air Transportation

Virtual Electronic Resource Access

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Climatic Data Center

National Weather Service

ASOS Operations and Monitoring Center

Meteorological Station Location Information

National Transportation Safety Board
New Hampshire Revised Statutes – Index Of Titles
New Hampshire Department of Transportation, Division of Aeronautics
NHDOT Division of Aeronautics Administrative Rules

NHDOT Division of Aeronautics State Airport System Plan

NTSB Bar Association
Rolls Royce: Journey Through a Jet Engine
Swedish Centre for Aviation Research
Transportation Research Board
TRB 89th Annual Meeting
TRB Paper Submission and Review System

Transportation Research Record

Transportation Security Administration
Transportation Security Regulations
United States General Accountability Office
United States Department of Transportation

USDOT Aviation Consumer Protection Division

USDOT Office of the Assistant Secretary for Aviation [includes airline O&D data]

USDOT Office of the General Counsel

USDOT Office of Inspector General homepage


Voyager World Flight (from the Internet Archive)