Orion Initial Design Team at Stanford University

Faculty Contact: Jonathan How (Email)

Motivation for Orion and Status of the hardware development (900K PDF file)
Orion MIT Home Page with further information here
Orion EM hardware (as of March 2001) and (as of Jan 2001)
Orion Design Team

Orion Team: Randy, Cole, Aditja, Lee, Masa, Zsolt.
Not Shown: Franz, Brian, Jin, Jim

Adjita working on the electronics for the communication subsystem
Adjita working on the electronics for the CDH computer
Cole aligning one of the torquer coils. The coils will be mounted on the inside of the side panels. There are 3 in total.
Lee working on the PIC board that will be used to control each of the subsystems
Randy holding one of the side panels for the spacecraft. These panels are made of honeycomb Al, but are much thinner than the X-frame used to form the main central part of the body (and the top and bottom).
Zsolt working on the coding of the StrongARM SBC (left of the laptop). The code of the science computer will be written in C using the Linux operating system.

November 25, 2002