Anza Borrego 2008

From the peak of flower season. Wildflower identification is from "Wildflowers of Anza Borrego State Park." Most of them are pretty easy. I haven't done much flower identification, so I could be making some silly mistakes.

Starting in Little Surprise Canyon. Here is Chuparosa (red) and perhaps Blue Phacelia
Not sure what the yellow ones are. Maybe a desert poppy of some sort?
Ghost Flowers
Now heading over into Hellhole Canyon. Ocotillo (my favorite).
Buckthorn Cholla
Barrel Cactus
This is as far up Hellhole Canyon as we went. It seems like a silly name for a place when it has cool nooks with waterfalls.
Alright. Enough of all this tromping around. Let's drive instead. This is in the bottom of Coyote Canyon. I am guessing this is Arizona Lupine.
Dune Evening Primrose
Sand Verbena
Almost all the canonical flower photos are taken here on Henderson Canyon Road.
The yellow ones are Desert Sunflower, mixed in with the Dune Evening Primrose and the Sand Verbena.