Utah canyonlands 2007

Double arch
Double arch - This is where the opening scenes of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade take place (the cave in the movie is pure fiction)
Double arch - most of these photos would not have turned out without the heavy clouds
View of the La Sal mountains
Wall Street
Wall Street
Liz with a juniper
Landscape arch, the thinnest arch
Landscape arch
Double O arch - Didn't take too many pictures, because just after taking this one we learned that a seriously injured hiker was under the arch waiting for helicopter evacuation
The scale is hard to tell from looking at the picture, but these fins are over 100 feet high in places.
Petroglyphs in Arches NP
The Patriarchs, Zion canyon, Zion National Park
Zion canyon narrows here to the width of the stream (and the maintained trail up the canyon ends)
Flowers abound near water dripping from the canyon wall