Boston Chamber Ensemble

S.M. Clark, Music Director
Elisa Birdseye, Executive Director

The Boston Chamber Ensemble was founded in 1989 as a group of 40 instrumentalists who comprise a chamber orchestra from which smaller, more intimate groups are formed to provide programs of great diversity and interest. From 1991 to 1993, the Boston Chamber Ensemble was ensemble-in-residence at Suffolk University.

Works for single instruments to full orchestral productions with chorus have been and continue to be presented with a historical range from the Renaissance to the present day. The Boston Chamber Ensemble has a special committment to supporting contemporary composers, particularly from the New England area, and often works by local composers will receive premieres, and more importantly, second performances.

To further this goal, the Boston Chamber Ensemble sponsors an annual nationwide composition competition in an effort to expand its interaction with contemporary American composers. Since October 1994, the Boston Chamber Ensemble has presented winning compositions in its concerts.

The Boston Chamber Ensemble also has a marked history of collaborating with other performance organizations in music and the other artistic disciplines, helping to broaden the awareness of audiences of both groups and their repertoire. Richard Buell of the Boston Globe has called the performance of the Boston Chamber Ensemble "spellcasting".

Additional information about the Boston Chamber Ensemble's concerts will be posted on this site when it becomes available.

For more information about the Boston Chamber Ensemble, write to:

Boston Chamber Ensemble
6 Summer Street
Hyde Park, MA 02136

(617) 361-5975 (voice)
(617) 364-1944 (FAX)

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