HomePage of Joey Apocalypse Edition

Joseph B. Ferreira I

"Pedo mellon a minno"

Greetings, Visitors.

You have reached the desolate land of Joey's World Wide Web HomePage, new Millenium Edition! Rejoice and be glad; though this page uses the same technology as my Home Pages 95 and 98, it is only a few years late, and barely even more than 30% obsolete!

Those who are interested may now access my Career Information, including my Resume via the Web.

The rest of you, of course, simply want to see fun links available on my page. Naturally, your wish is my command.


MIT's official HomePage.
As if you didn't already know, The AltaVista Search Engine.
For the more modern investigators, The Google Search Engine.
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5. Once, the best thing on TV. Now, it hurts to watch it. Curse you, Evil Sam Beckett!!
A for people who might not have violent impulses about the first two prequels, the official Star Wars Page.
Proving that time is no obstacle to the good Doctor, this Doctor Who Page still lives!
Better selling than 'The Celestial Home Care Omnibus,' more popular than '53 More Things to Do in Zero-Gravity,' and more contrivertial than Oolon Caloophid's trilogy of philisophical blockbusters "Where God Went Wrong" "More of God's Greatest Mistakes" and "Just Who Is This God Person Anyway," the Intergalatic Homepage.
For one time fans of the series, The Gargoyles Saga.
Over the years, a number of my friends have begun to build their own websites. Seeing as how mine never gets updates, I'll try to steer you towards theirs, in the hope that you'll mistake their new content for my own...

Using alien technology, magical powers, or some such things, my friend Peter Shah's Web page is far more complicated than my own, yet is better maintained and up to date. Seems unnatural, I tell you.
Generally more up to date than my own, due purely to its unbridled hatred, Jesse Thomas' Surly Home Page.
Providing some useful information, yet comfortably out of date, Zaknafn's Dragon's Lair is the sort of low threat page I can really endorse!


The following Links were created by me personally; proceed at own risk.

Klargia: The Grand Duchy of Merlmer Kithryn.
For those interested, a brief introduction to the Classic Battletech Universe.
For your enjoyment and edification, learn the details of all my Feng Shui characters. I've got quite a list going.