Other Selected Publications


Ilic, MD and J Zaborszky Dynamics and Control of Large Electric Power Systems Wiley Interscience May 2000 (900 pages)
Ilic, M, F D Galiana and L Fink (eds) Electric Power Systems Restructuring: Engineering and Economics Kluwer Academic Publishers
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Medanic, J, M Ilic,and J Christensen Discrete Models of Slow Voltage Dynamics for Under Load Tap Changing Transformer Coordination IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems PWRS-2 November 1987 Notable paper: Often cited in the area of voltage collapse literature The first to introduce slow control-driven voltage dynamics
Yu, CN, Leotard, J-P, Ilic, M Dynamics of Transmission Provision in Competitive Electric Power Industry Discrete Event Dynamic Systems: Theory and Applications, 9, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, MA

Allen, EH, JW Chapman and MD Ilic Effects of Torsional Dynamics on Nonlinear Generator Control IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 4 March 1996 Notable paper: This paper for the first time provides a control design for stabilizing a long standing problem of sub-synchronous resonance in operating electric power grid interconnected via long transmission lines The paper is an important application of feedback linearizing control
Ilic, MD, SX Liu, G Leung, C Vialas and M Athans Improved Secondary and New Tertiary Voltage Control IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 10 November 1995 Notable paper: This paper illustrates the relevance of structure-based modeling for large power networks The results are demonstrated on the French power system and considered as a possible concept for the next stage National Control Center in Paris, France
Ilic, M, J Thorp and M Spong Localized Response Performance of the Decoupled Q-V Network IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems CAS-33 March 1986 Notable paper: This paper for the first time formulates the reactive power voltage problem as a nonlinear DC network problem and establishes conditions under which this network has monotonic response The particular challenge comes from defining the regions where this property holds (the network has both positive and negative resistors, which requires tools beyond diagonal dominance conditions) As in other electric networks, this property is extremely useful when making the localized response argument
Chapman, JW, MD Ilic, CA King, et al Stabilizing a Multimachine Power System via Decentralized Feedback Linearizing Excitation Control IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, PWRS-8 August 1993 Notable paper: This paper introduces for the first time feedback linearizing control design for primary controllers of generators in a complex power system An entirely decentralized implementation of this approach is developed; it is based on combining the idea of so-called Observation Decoupled State Space (ODSS) for regulating the set point value of the controller with the feedback linearizing design for primary control logic
Ilic, M, SX Liu, BD Eidson, C Vialas, and M Athans A Structure-Based Modeling and Control of Electric Power Systems IFAC Automatica, 33 March 1997 Notable paper: This paper reports the new concept of tertiary coordinating scheme for regional voltage regulation and improved secondary voltage control in complex power systems Depending on the objectives of the control design, the secondary control can be made to eliminate inter-regional interactions, or more interactions are allowed and optimized for systemwide performance of the interconnection
Ilic, M, ML Crow and MA Pai Transient Stability Simulation by Waveform Relaxation Methods IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems, PWRS-2 November 1987
LaWhite, N and MD Ilic Vector Space Decomposition of Reactive Power for Periodic Nonsinusoidal Signals IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Part I, Fundamental Theory and Applications, 44 April 1997 Notable paper: This paper considers fundamentals of reactive power in non-sinusoidal signals
Crow, ML, M Ilic, and MA Pai Waveform Relaxation Methods for Solving Differential-Algebraic Equations and Their Applications to Power Systems Simulations SIAM Meeting, Denver, CO October 1987