Dexterity is a requirement for many robotic tasks. Underwater manipulators require high dexterity to repair underwater oil pipes. Surgical robots require high dexterity to navigate through human tissues and bones, reaching damaged tissues while minimizing disturbances to the surrounding regions. Domestic robots require dexterity to pour milk into a glass. However, in all these scenarios, dexterity alone is not enough. The robots need to use their dexterity strategically, so that the given tasks can be accomplished effectively and efficiently. In short, many robotic tasks require conscientious dexterity.

My goal is to develop robots with conscientious dexterity. To this end, I focus on the design, development, and analysis of efficient and practical algorithms and computational representations that enable robots to strategize and use their dexterity conscientiously.


Motion Planning under Uncertainty

Marine Robotics

Deterministic Path Planning for High DOFs Robot


Trajectory Deformation (internship work)

Last updated: 29 October 2011