Gilles Berger
MIT - Department of Chemistry

Ph.D., Pharm.D.



The Lippard Lab in 2016

The anticancer subgroup of the Lippard Lab

The Lippard Lab team working on anticaner metal coordinates at MIT.


Stephen Hanessian's 80th birthday symposium

The group picture from the symposium. Happy birthday Steve!

Me and Steve Hanessian at a scientific congress in Tuscany

The group picture from the symposium. Happy birthday Steve!


The CPO team

The complete team from the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Université Libre de Bruxelles. Front center: Prof. Jean Nève (Head of Departement).

My Lab

Besides the common hood, flasks, agitators, and rotavapors, my lab is fully equiped for organic synthesis: an Easymax automated system, an Edwards vacuum pump (down to 0.01 mmHg), a distillation line with speedvac and a Buchi Sepacore unit for automated flash chromatography (equipped with two pumps and a Uv-Vis detector).

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Lab

From left to right: Bruker Avance 300 (7.0 Tesla) spectrometer for routine NMR, Varian VNMRS 400 and VNMRS 600 (9.4 and 14.1 Tesla, respectively) for high resolution, X-nuclide and multidimensional NMR.

The High Performance Computing Facility - Hydra and Vega Clusters

Hydra (left) and Vega (right) clusters. Hydra is composed of a total of 153 nodes hosting ~1200 cores with 32 to 256 GB of RAM per node and interconnected with 1 Gbps ethernet and 10 Gbps/40 Gbps Infiniband networks. Vega features 42 compute nodes and 2 GPU nodes (NVIDIA Tesla M2090), interconnected with an Infiniband QDR network, and 70 TB of high performance storage under GPFS.
Each compute node has 4 AMD Opteron 6272 2.1GHz (16 cores), 256 GB of RAM and 250 GB of local disk space. In total, Vega has 2752 cores and 11TB of RAM. The Linpack benchmark gives 16.2 TFLOPS of aggregated peak computing power performance. The nodes density makes Vega suitable for many-cores (SMP and MPI) and many single core jobs.

The Mass Spectrometry Lab

From left to right: UHPLC 1290 Aglient coupled to MS/MS Triple-Quad 6490 and HPLC 1200 Aglient coupled to MS/MS QTOF 6520.