MIT's The Vagina Monologues
In February of 2002, I was involved in MIT's production of The Vagina Monologues. In fact, I had one of the more infamous monologues, "My Angry Vagina." Three nights in a row I stood in front of a crowd of 300+ and talked about "dry wads of fucking cotton" (tampons), "cold duck-lips," and what my vagina wanted. My parents even came to see the show on closing night, watching their baby say "Vagina motherfuckers" for all to hear. It was quite the experience.

In 2003, I found myself doing it again, cast in the introduction. I convinced Josh Randall to be the lighting designer, and suddenly because I was the only one involved in the show who really knew him, I wound up as the unofficial technical director - sort of the liaison between Josh and the producers. I was also the person tasked to keep the set happy - a hard thing to do when you're supposed to be getting into costume backstage instead of resetting spikes and messing with polyorganza onstage. Not that there weren't some fun moments - I'm just tired.

Now it's time to prepare for the 2004 show and I've found myself producing, along with Shereen Katrak and Melissa Cain. We've got our own site, hosted off of my machine, which started as just a copy of this page: You can go there to find out information about auditions, directors sign-ups, and just about anything else we think of that's useful.

The Vagina Monologues official site

Tech Articles About the Show
I was misquoted.
Review of the Show
I have "unequaled sass and spunk."

Pictures from the show
Liana and Maria-Louisa backstage
Alice and Daniele backstage
Maria-Louisa, Kay, and Charisse backstage
The whole cast
The whole cast again

The whole cast in front of the very pretty set
A bunch in the dressing room (not me)
Maria-Louisa finds her reason for being
Anke talks about "Down There"
Adrian cunt-tinues despite throwing her chair into the audience